GMC Jam 2017 Game Jams collection, Featuring ~SWEETUMS~



This has been a very busy year for me, and I'd like to share with you all of my games I entered for various game jams this year! ALL games were created with gamemaker studio

Sweetums - 8/14/17 for the ShortnSweet jam on
Theme - Make a sweet and cute game about desert/tea time
Game status - Complete and released

Sweesha and her pet Starla decide to go to the secret pool for a picnic! Guide them there and enjoy the scenery and have a beautiful day!

Arrow keys, D pad, right stick- move character.
Z key/A button- Search for items, call kitty
X key/B button- Use items you've equipped in the equip menu
C key/X button- Get on or off the inner tube
P key/Y button- enter/exit the menu.
Left mouse- click buttons on menu

You start off in the office, 1 of 4 rooms in the house, go up through the door on the right and when near the couch call Starla, your cat. Find all the items in the house that you need, 5 of the 7 items are obvious to find because they are lying about the house and they glow, the other 2 are hidden somewhere in the kitchen. go back to the office and down to exit the house. Use the menu (P key/Y button) to view your checklist, equip items, save or load a game, or adjust things in the options menu. Outside on your adventure you can feed your cat, have a picnic in the field, waterfall, behind the waterfall or at the secret pool, (have as many picnics as you want) or go inner tubing behind the waterfall and in the secret pool. (check the check list in the menu to see where you are) You can get on or off the inner tube only in certain parts of the room, a one-time message will show when you are at the right spot. There is no winning or losing at this game, just go out on an adventure and have fun!

Game Page & Download -


Phantom Star II - 3/27/17 for the ugly box art game jam on
Theme- Ugly Box Art Game, Make a game by choosing and using only the box art given by the game jam creator
Game status - Complete and released

Arrow keys - move around.
ENTER key- Start game
P key- Pause/Menu.
Z key- Shoot
X key- Use equipped item
Escape key- Quit

Arrow buttons- move around.
B key- Start game
Y- Pause/Menu.
A- Shoot
X- Use equipped item
Back- Quit

Main room- Endless scroller, level up here and some fields. Go up in fields & mountains to find shops and towns
Equip max weapon on all characters and set off the alarm in cave 5 to fight the main dude in field 3

Made for the Game Jolt Ugly Box Art Game Jam! I chose Phantasy Star II for this fun project, hope you enjoy!
Game Page & Download -


Acorn Squirrel Race - 4/1717 for the gamemaker jam on
Theme - No theme just make a game
Game status - Complete and released

Did you ever wonder why squirrels run back and forth across the road? They're playing the Acorn Squirrel Race!

play against Compu-squirrel or a friend! Press ENTER to start, Press ESC to quit the game.
Grey squirrel - move with arrow keys, dpad and right stick on gamepad
Red squirrel - move with W,A,S,D, dpad and right stick on gamepad
You can turn the sounds on and off and the blood on oroff in the options menu at the beginning of the game, both are OFF by default.
Objective- collect acorns of the same color as your squirrel and bring them back across the roads to score points.

The first squirrel to collect 12 acorns wins the round, there are 10 rounds, each harder to complete. After 10 rounds the winner of the game is announced! Good luck!

Game Page & Download -


Forbidden Frontier - 5/29/17 for the stellar GMC game jam #4 on the GMC
Theme - Voyage

Living far below the planet's surface the inhabitants of the floating city of Erril believe that nothing lies beyond their city and networks of caves and caverns.

Arrow keys- move player
Z key / A button- Use weapons and items. Your shovel doubles as a weapon and when no enemies are around you can use it to find items while in the caves.
Back button- Android, quits the game without saving, available after start screen.
Escape key- Windows, quits the game without saving, available after start screen.
Left mouse click / tap for android- enter menu, select menu items
Armor and shields- These are automatically equipped when you find or purchase them, the more armor and shields you own the higher defense your character will have, and the more weapons you have boosts your attack power.
There are 2 weapons available, the shovel and the torch, you must equip these in the equip menu to use them.
Menus- Access the menu by pressing your health gauge at the top left of your screen. there are 6 different submenus which are explained below, from top left to bottom right:
Game start menu upon starting the game:
Sound- turn sounds on or off.
Full/Window- available only for windows version, toggles between full screen and window mode.
Info- Brings up the game information.
Start- Starts the game.
Load- If you have saved your game you can load it here.
Quit- Exit the game without saving
At this time in the windows version you can connect a game pad.
In game menu:
Stats- Lists info about your player, including name, level, hit points/max hitpoints, experience/next, gold, current cavern number/den number, and a map that builds as you explore the caves.
Equip- Here you can equip/unequip weapons and items to use. the power and defense levels are shown when weapons are equipped or armor is acquired. To use food and regain hit points equip it, exit the menu and use it with the Z/A button. Don't forget to re equip your weapon after eating!
Quit- exit the game without saving.
Options- 1. turn sound on or off. 2. Rename your character. 3. In Android version you can watch ad videos to get free random items and weapons, this is the only place besides the caves where you have a chance at finding keys. In the windows versions it toggles between full screen or window mode.
Also in the Windows version you can connect or disconnect gamepads here in the options menu.
Save- click to save your game.
Load- click to load a saved game.
Shop menu:
Here you can buy weapons, armor and food. The amount of money you have is listed in yellow at the top left of the menu. Press exit or walk away when finished.
Inn menu- Here you can rest to regain your hit points. The inn keeper also has valuable information for you that changes each time you defeat a boss enemy. Also a 3rd option appears if you have a completed map and have defeated a boss, at which time you can choose to give her a map. If you do you will loose the map of that cave, see spoiler for more info. Press exit or walk away when finished.
General gameplay:
First visit the shop, after listening to the opening speech, by going straight up from starting the game and purchase a torch. You start off the game with a shovel, don't forget to equip it! Fight enemies and bosses in the caves, Note, You cannot leave any dens until the enemies in that den are defeated. Tip for fighting monsters: your weapon uses an auto aim feature, so when the enemy is moving and changing directions they are sometimes difficult to hit, you need to outsmart them by moving around them in a clockwise or counterclockwise pattern as you shoot. Find keys to unlock areas in the caves, Use your shovel to find items or buy them in the shop, you cannot buy keys in the shop. The goal of the game is to find your way out of the realm that everyone thinks is the only existence!

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Daymare - 6/5/17 for the slamjam game jam on Gamejolt
Theme - Fringe
Game status - Complete and released

This is a short game taking about 10 minutes to complete but there is a big surprise in the game that took me 90% of the time I spent programming it, I hope you enjoy it!

Please close all windows before running game for best results. The graphics dll is very graphics intensive and is glitchy

DAYMARE brought to you by Roadhammer Gaming for the Game Jolt slamdance Game Jam!
Arrow keys- move character.
Click START to start the game.

Gameplay- Talk to any npc's you see and complete any quests they give you. Go through doors to
enter new areas, if a door is locked you will see a message saying so, and must complete
the current quest to unlock it. after all quests are complete you win the game!
All game music composed by by Eric Matyas @
Fundraw dll made by coolsmile @

Game Page & Download -


Frog Slide - 6/26/17 made for the frog jam on
Theme - Make a game about frogs!
Game status - Complete and released

Hop on the boat at game start, your frog friends hop on too! Make your way down the river while eating enemies with your tongue, avoid obstacles and choosing the right pathways.

Arrow keys- move character.
left mouse (tap for android)- enter/exit/use the menu
Z key, A button- shoot tongue weapon

GAMEPLAY- Hop on the boat at game start, your frog friends hop on too! Make your way down the river while eating enemies with your tongue, avoid obstacles and choosing the right pathways. More frogs will try to jump on as you go! You get points for eating enemies and safely delivering frogs to the frog pond! There are 10 levels to complete then the game will start over.

HINT: When you enter a new river bend, start shooting!

Game Page & Download -


Nightsideslide 8/28/17 for the The Extremely Aestival GMC Jam #5 on the GMC
Theme - Two sides to the same coin
Game status - Complete and released

A small quiet town
...Untill the shadow of night falls

Arrow keys- move character.
Z key- Search/action
X key- Use item/weapon
P key- Enter/exit the menu.
Left mouse- Select menu items.
Right mouse- hold to see discription of items in equip menu.

You wander into a quiet little town, the people all seem nice, but when darkness falls you must
find out who these people really are, there really is 2 sides to every coin so figure out what is
going on and prepare yourself for the chilling truth behind the Nightsideslide!

Equip things in the equip menu. Check the check list in the menu for quest info. If a vampire catches you you die.
The silver stake is the only weapon that kills vampires.
The vampire king can only be killed by sunlight.
Talk to everyone to advance the game and get hints, male and females say different things so be sure to talk to both! (the mansion, far right, only has 1 person in it) Treasures can be found by their sparkle. Daytime is safe mostly everywhere except the mansion. (far right) To view the game clock click the check list button in the menu.

Garlic neclass- Vampires can't touch you if equipped.
Flash cam- Stun vampires for a while. (press X key)
Silver spoon- Use when at a certain dinner table.
Holy water- Stun vampires for a while. (press X key)
Silver stake- Kill vampires, see your check list menu for # of vampires slain.
Time dialator- Use to turn night time into day, also the only item that can kill the vampire king.

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Sweetums is now available on Android!

The game has been updated with some bug fixes such as kitty not eating properly sometimes, not enough room to move around in the tv room and graphics changes and improvements in the house, also added an optional choice to show an ad from the tv so I can continue to better myself to make better games (after all Roadhammer Gaming is owned operated and maintained by me and only me and is my dedicated and only job) So if you like nice scenery, a totally laid back style of gameplay and of course the beauty of a curvy 100% beautiful woman in a bikini enjoying her life with her pet kitty this game is for you! Enjoy :)