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20 Sprites, 15 Object Limits



So I am doing game maker in school and the version of game maker on the school computers uses .gmx files which is why I am using 1.4.1763 at home so I can work on the project at both school and home. I have reached my limit of 20 sprites and 15 objects. I saw somewhere that on more recent versions this isn't a problem, even on the free version but you can't import .gmx projects on the free version.

Game maker is very expensive so I would like to stick to the free version. So if anyone could help, either by finding a version that uses .gmx and doesn't have this limit, getting rid of the limit or by a different method. Thanks in advance.


Not Medusa
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You had to register a free license to get rid of the restriction, but now that the distribution of GMS1.x has been officially ceased for all types of licenses, you won't be able to remove the limit I'm afraid. The only option is to buy GMS2, since its free version's got a similar restriction. Buying GMS2 now should grant you a GMS1.x license as well.