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Mac OSX 2 months away from GMS2 and the whole world changed!


So, during lockdown I was flying along with my game, got a working demo (99% complete) to steam. I had a 2011 MacBook Pro running High Sierra as my main computer but had to use a MacMini running Catalina to compile in Xcode. Then I put it back on the MacBook Pro. Everything worked, I was a happy bunny.

I bought a new(ish) MacBook Pro Early July but days later my regular business reopened I had no time for the game until last week, and find that not only do I have a new mac to deal with, but also new versions of GSM2 and Xcode. Absolute NIGHTMARE!

I seem to have all that sorted but I think the biggest problem I now have actually happened a year ago but running 2 Macs bypassed it. Before last week, I did everything with High Sierra unless I absolutely had to use Catalina. Now, when I try to run my game I get 'GameName will damage your computer. You should move it to the Bin'. Googling tells me this is caused by Catalina and I now have to pay Apple for a developer license.

Is that really so?


Thanks, that might work for me but it's not realistic to expect every user to do it when they've been told its malware.

I took the jump and paid for Apple development. Game noterized successfully but still gives the 'Malware' message.