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Asset - Project 2-4 Players Gamepad local multiplayer


With this project you can create an awesome local multiplayer game. Choose 2-4 players, select a level and play.

Gamepad controls:
- Left stick for moving
- Right stick for aiming
- Right shoulder/trigger button to shoot

- Choose amount of players (2-4).
- Choose level ( 2 levels).
- Click play to go to selected level/room with the amount of players you want to play.

- Green, red, yellow and blue players.
- Smooth 8-axis movement, 360 aiming and shooting.
- Simple sounds for shooting, hitting the target and explosion.
- Last player standing will announce the winner.
- Restart the game or go to menu.

Feel free to contact and ask for more things to add into this project.

Store page: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7543/gamepad-local-multiplayer

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