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Mac OSX 2.3 won't convert any project from the last 2.5 years!!!


I bought GMS2 in February 2018. I started with a small D&D project and every time I added to it I saved a new version so I now have over 100 versions of it.

The most recent version that converts in 2.3 is from March 2018. It only has 11 D&D objects and 5 sprites!

I've looked at downgrading back to 2.5 but even though it's on my Mac it is not showing in my runtime feeds.

Can anyone help me get 2.3 running or back to 2.5



Friendly Tyrant
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First, PLEASE file a bug report and include a download link to the most recent version of the project. This will not get fixed if YYG don't know about it. As for the 2.2.5 version, if you go to the HELP menu in the IDE and select "Release Notes" you can get the 2.2.5 installer from the "older versions" spoiler. Note that after installing the 2.2.5 version, you'll need to set the Runtime in the prefs to match.


I've just had a thought as to why the projects are failing to convert (though I can't test now as I have downgraded). I have ( ) in the project names. These projects will load and run in vm but not yyc (unless I rename them). Maybe this is a similar issue.


I sent a bug report and got this back in just over an hour (very impressed)

I've confirmed that the project fails to convert in 2.3.0, but as this is a known issue we have already fixed for the forthcoming 2.3.1 release, I have now converted your project for you and attached it to the ticket again.

I can now successfully load and build this fixed copy of the project for Windows VM in IDE v2.3.0.529 with Runtime v2.3.0.401