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Mac OSX 2.3 Update Causes Very High CPU Usage

Colin B

Since updating to 2.3, I have noticed extremely high CPU usage for both the IDE and the YoYo Runner. I have tested using empty projects, and have found that the IDE sits at over 40% CPU when the laptop is unplugged (according to Activity Monitor), and when plugging in a power cable, the number skyrockets to over 100% CPU consistently. When I run any project, whether it is completely empty or not, the YoYo Runner's CPU usage is consistently over 90% CPU. It may be unrelated, but framerates in the debugger appear to be more inconsistent than ever.

I came to a temporary solution by drastically decreasing IDE framerates to around 20FPS in GameMaker's Power Saving preferences, and after doing so, I saw an improvement of IDE CPU usage that sits at around ~23% CPU; however, after doing so I noticed strange behavior in the YoYo Runner that would begin at around 30% CPU, and then skyrocket to 90% CPU after around 20 seconds of not doing anything.

All of these tests were done with only GameMaker and Activity Monitor open on my computer. GameMaker's About page properly detects the GPU as well. I am using a 2017 Macbook Pro with a 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5. I am running Catalina. I want to use the new update but I can't seem to do that when my computer is overheating just by having the IDE open.