GMS 2.3+ 2.3 Sequences from spritesheets

So I've finally been able to mostly convert my project to 2.3.
Now I really want to learn about the sequencer because it might be a quicker way for me
to create cutscenes and have NPC's move, talk,... during a cutscene,
without having to painfully code every single thing that needs to happen in a very specific order.

The thing is, my player and NPC sprites are basically spritesheets,
and not split up in subimages.
I have just 1 sprite, no subimages, for example for my player.
Ive included an example of one of those NPC's spritesheets.
I don't use it with subimages in this case. Same with the player.

In my player object,
I've programmed a quick and simple coordinate system,
to always properly set the values needed for

I get the top left coordinate, a width, a height,... from my single sprite,
and draw only a portion of it.

My asset folder is, as you may imagine, as minimal in resources as I possibly can have it,
and organisation is super easy because of it. It also allows me
to easily go in my code, look up a specific animation frame,
and make all sorts of cool adjustments to it.

This makes code a little longer, but far more versatile.

This does leave me to wonder however:

In sequences, the tutorials I've found seem to use sprites with sub-images,
which I don't use for NPC's and my player.

So is there a way to do it?

in the same way you can use draw_sprite_general to draw your own
defined areas of a spritesheet instead of subimages,
can you use such a spritesheet in the sequencer to animate portions of it?

Why I think this should be a crucial aspect of this?
Because games can have customized player objects. Imagine a player object with a whole variety
of possibilities: hair, eyes, skin,...
You wouldn't want to have thousands of subimages, directional sprites,...
Just a couple of spritesheet sprites are far easier to manage.
So, that customized player will probably be part of animated cutscenes.
Meaning, those couple spritesheets that combine to make a custom player,
should also work together in the cutscene to animate the player.

I reallllly hope this can be done with sequences...


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