OFFICIAL 2.3.4 Stable Release Thread

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Using move_contact_solid() and place_meeting() with precise collisions is causing massive framedrops. I go from 1100 FPS to as low as 28 in some cases using simple collision functions in the step event.

Prior to, this issue was not present. I have submitted a bug report.

You can see in the profiler here. 100% identical projects/code. Runtime runs fine, whereas tanks.



I've filed a bug report, just wanted to share in case anyone else was having similar issues.

Using instance_place_list() with a precise collision mask seems to have gotten much slower in the new runtime. (Tested on Windows VM)

Have you isolated what's causing the drop in framerate? Maybe you could use the profiler to see if any collision functions you're using have gotten slower?

Other collision functions seem to have been affected as well, I submitted a bug report. 2.3.3 was fine, 2.3.4 crippled a lot of collision functions when using precise collisions specifically.


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I think some of this was brought up already, but just to second it. I'm at / runtime and am experiencing the following issues:
  • In the image editor, the "color replace tool" has the red and blue channels swapped (other tools seem to be working fine)
  • Ctrl+T adds a new tile layer if you use it while a room editor is open
  • Dragging a workspace with middle mouse button/mouse wheel clicked down glitches out if you move the cursor to the edge of the GM window: instead of looping around at the edges like before, the scroll position is reset (almost always to a position super far away from all opened asset editors so it's hard to get back to whatever you were working at)
  • Selecting instance(s) on an instance layer, then switching to a tile layer, selecting tiles with the selection tool and deleting them with the Delete key, will delete the selected instance(s). (Multi-layer selecting is a nice feature, so IMO the issue here is that the old selection doesn't get reset when you start a new selection without holding the "add to selection" modifier key, breaking UX expectations)

I've also seen a topic where a bunch of people report VM-built games suddenly started raising antivirus alerts after the latest update, not sure if that needs official attention?


No, it doesn't. It's the 0.2 that I found so far that makes it go haywire. Adding 0.21 works fine.
I reported the same problem in a previous version and YoYoGames replied that it was not a bug but a new specification.
It was described in the release notes for Runtime

YoYoGames replied that this is the solution.
image_index += 0.21;
I'm curious as to why this is such a baffling specification.
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