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GMS 2.3+ 2.3.2 Close but no cigar!


The game I have been working on for 3 years didn't load (let alone convert) in 2.3. The guys at YoYo ran it through 2.3.1 long before its official release and got it (sort of) converted but it did all kinds of wierd sh*t! So I've been stuck on 2.2.5 for ages and didn't even dare do any updates.

I've just aquired a PC for another (nothing to do with, and will never be used for GMS2) project. So I put 2.3.2 on it to see where we stand. The game loaded and converted AND runs! All the menus work, cloud services are fine, music plays, I press the start button for a new game and off we go.......for about 3 seconds then........

"Code Error - Connot compare unset variables"


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"Code Error - Connot compare unset variables"
Was there no line number? Object reference? Nothing? If you can narrow it down to a specific event or interaction that causes it you can then add in a breakpoint before it happens and simply step through the code.... The error suggests, though, that you're trying to compare two undeclared variables, or two variables that haven't been given a value. This could happen if you do something like:
var n1, n2;

if n1 != n2

If n1 and n2 haven't been assigned a value they are "unset variables"... so you probably want to start your investigations looking at any var declared local variables.


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Have you considered that 2.3.2 is actually telling you that there is a problem in your code??? We did a lot of work on improving the handling of error conditions and ensuring that problems were surfaced as early as possible rather than ignoring them (which earlier versions did) and letting them surface at some indeterminate point in the future.

Without seeing the code it is hard to say but I think it is something you should consider.



Have you considered that 2.3.2 is actually telling you that there is a problem in your code???
I've found the problem:
if(Buzz == 0 && t > 0 && zz <> t)
zz belongs to a piece of code that is currently disabled so it isn't set. GMS2.2.5 seems fine with that, GMS2.3.2 is not!

Let's see how far it gets before it finds my next piece of A1 coding! :D