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Greetings everyone!

I would like to offer a 1-on-1 consulting/tutoring/mentoring service for anyone who would love to dive deep into GameMaker Studio 2, but lacking in the experience and time to do so by themselves. With almost 10 years of combined experience in programming - fullstack web development, game engine, lower level hardware engineering, I'm comfortable to be able to introduce you to this industry.
  • Years of experience facilitating cutting-edge engineering solutions with a wide range of e-commerce application and technology skills
  • Proven ability to leverage full-stack knowledge and experience to build interactive and user-centered website designs to scale
  • Extensive expertise in large system architecture
  • Develop lower level, system level tests using Tcl, Python, C/C++ languages to verify networking switch chips and systems
  • Years of experience with GameMaker Studio 2, Unity, UDK, Microsoft XNA, and various other C/C++ and C# game frameworks.

This tutoring service would be perfect for any aspiring game developers who are new to programming. I myself understand very well that it can get quite taxing to have to bounce around between tutorials, asking questions online, in forums, and still not grasping a thing, only to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to learn and not being sure where to start. It can get quite exhausting while getting a lot less done. I'm right here offering you an alternative so that you can save your precious time by focusing on the actual learning part only. Skip yourself the hassle!

I would stream my screen to show you how things in GameMaker work, assist you via remote access, or we can simply talk about any GameMaker problems of your choice that's been bothering you. This is without a doubt, one of the most efficient methods of learning online. By having a dedicated person on the other end to teach you 1-on-1. It's exactly like having offline, on-site programming lessons with your lecturers standing right next to you, ready to help with whatever problem you're coming up with. All of which are a lot more expensive.

This is to illustrate what each session's gonna look like.

Cut all those endless time spent online figuring out things out and actually spend time doing what matters the most: learning GameMaker itself.

Open to ALL skill level! Don't hesitate to contact me if you know absolutely nothing about game development let alone programming! I will walk you through all of the basics slowly, step by step. :)

I use a flat hourly rate of $20/hour.

Feel free to contact me for more details.
Discord rickleo#3867
Email rickleonarda@gmail.com
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