Windows 1-Bit City Drop

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I felt like making a 1-bit game, so here's a little puzzle game called City Drop, I made it in roughly 2 days, give or take a few hours.

City Drop is a meditative mash-up of Tetris and Match-3 (Match-2, in this case). Done in a simple 1-bit style, it's perfect for whiling away some spare time in a relaxing environment. Select the correct tile, match its connection direction with the correct city tile and drop it! If you did everything right, the two tiles will be eliminated. If not, a new row of city tiles will pop up. Clear the board to win the game! If the city tiles reach the top, you'll lose!


Mouse: Select a tile
Space: Rotate the tile connection direction
R: Play a new board
Escape: Exit to Title/Quit

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