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1.4.99 GameMaker crashing while useing it


Crazy crashes just having GameMaker open and basic clicking in the software.

The first crash was editing a basic test level (i.e. can you move left, right, up, down, and is the wall stopping you from moving) for a block game.
The Second one trying to add a background for a 16 40x40 tileset. I created the new background and named it back_tile and while trying to select the load name .bmp file GameMaker crashes.

In both cases, GameMaker will reopen but can no longer compile games.

After the first crash, I rebooted Windows 10 the same issue, then performed a complete uninstall and rebooted the system and did a full reinstall of game maker.
Performed 3 days of virus scanning to make sure this was not an issue and I am running Spybot S&D

Problem fixed right?

Wait not so fast.

After 3 days of working on a new game, Gamemaker crashed a second time and we're right back to where we started.

I have tried running an older version of Gamemaker but it crashed as well with the same compile error.

Both games after reinstalling compile and run fine.
This a very very very basic (tutorials 1-3) use of the software and it is crashing.
Then can no longer compile games after restarting the software and rebooting the computer.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this (get it to compile again) without
rebooting, uninstalling GameMaker, rebooting the computer, and then reinstalling Gamermaker software every 1-3 days?

I did the reinstall again and fixed it but it will happen again so
I would like to know how to get it to compile again right.

Thanks for the help in advance on this.
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