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  1. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Lockdown opportunities: a one-room adventure where you fill your house with more and more junk as time passes!

    Itch: https://adriendittrick.itch.io/lockdown-opportunities GJ: https://gamejolt.com/games/lockdown_opportunities/485329 NG: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/752361?updated=1586704143 This game was made in 72 hours for the creersonjeu.fr game jam. Coding, music, writing: Adrien Dittrick...
  2. BulleTech Studios

    Free [Android & iOS] Endless Horde - Addictive Zombie Shooter

    Endless Horde is an endless wave top down shooter. Control a Specialized Mechanical Advanced Remote Turret (S.M.A.R.T.) to protect man's final outpost against the oncoming waves of bloodthirsty mutants! You have just one chance to save what is left of humanity by gunning down the infected across...
  3. Pfap


    I'm working on a zombie survival game and have one play area finished and it loops back to the main menu. Not sure if I want to keep working on it though. I'm including a link to a .zip folder with the game. Controls: Arrow keys and space bar. Here is a link to the game it is a zip file...
  4. M

    Windows RESOLVED: FAILED: Run Program Complete?

    I was almost ready to submit my game for the GMTK Jam two days ago, when I ran into a problem I couldn't fix. I still have no idea what the actual problem is, except that GMS2 consistently gives me the same output message (No compiler errors!?!) when I try to run or compile my game and it...
  5. D

    AI Mob Movement with Moving Platforms

    Hello, I have adopted the RTS Group movement system found in the marketplace to create the effect of mobs of units moving towards a single goal (the Player). It works beautifully for moving units and moving them around objects. The only issue I am having is when I try to move a unit around a...
  6. Deadly Serious Media

     ZOMG! [WIP]

    Hey Everyone! Almost 10 years ago I had a game idea but it never really came together. Then I met my dev partner and we started working together. He attempted to build it in other engines but it never felt right. We abandoned it and my partner moved on to learning Unreal for 3D games and I...
  7. Leif

     'Dark Power' beta test

    Hi :) I' like to present my new upcoming game 'Dark Power'. The game about how hard it is to be a Dark Lord and make your skeletons protect a Dark Castle that is attacked by kind, lovely people in large numbers. There are many different units on both sides and of course - upgrades. There is...
  8. Blankete

    Beta Dead Chronicles [Android] Open beta!

    Hello everyone! Here is the game I´m currently developing, now in open beta on google play. Dead Chronicles is an adventure - action game where you must kill zombies and survive (another) apocalypse! Two weeks since the outbreak, a horrible world wide infection. I've been in my home since...
  9. D

    GameMaker: programming a twin-stick-shooter! Enemies

    Ive done a twin-stick-shooter vs zombies. my only problem is, that i only get damage if i hit the zombies, not if they hit me... I
  10. C

    GMS 2 Path-finding AI that stops at barricade

    The code I've got is really sloppy and does not quite get the job done. I'm asking for anyone's help that could help smooth the path up. The objective is as follows: 1. Hunt the player 2. Stop if a barricade is in the way of the path 3. Continue the pursuit of the player if...
  11. P

    Android Zombie Infested Areas [Android]

    This is a zombie shooting game that I have made a lot of improvement in. From upgradable guns to random perks, I have added a lot of stuff in the game. It is basically a top down 2d game with guns and zombies. However, this is also my biggest completed project till now. Please play it and review...
  12. P

    Apex - Zombies

    WINDOWS DOWNLOAD - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByDiw1tSPsaJWWE4eW11TUl5Yk0/view?usp=sharing Controls: MOVE - WASD Weild Weapon - Right mouse Use Weapon - Left mouse Interact - left mouse no right mouse The time has almost come!! This epic one man project after over a years worth of toil...
  13. K

    Building issues

    Hello! I am adding buildings into my zombie survival game. I've attached an image that displays the most of my problems: In the first circle, zombies seem to clump up and get stuck on the buildings. Is there any good way to avoid this, preferably without pathfinding? Also in the first...
  14. S

    Android A Night to Survive [Android] [Windows] [Free]

    Title A Night to Survive Platform Windows Android Description This is a intense survival game in which you will face waves of zombies. You have lost yourself in an extensive forest with your friend, the problem is that both are in different places and no one knows anything about the other...
  15. B

    Free Game Maker : THREAT

    I've made my first game on Game maker, called 'Threat' Threat is a retro style top down shooter. An unforgiving, blood-soaked game where the player takes the role of a weaponised futuristic vehicle with a rally type drive feel, minimal traction, big ramming bars, big guns and countless cyber...
  16. I

    Free One Million Zombies (Android)

    Hello everyone! This is my first game and I hope you like it. Your feedback is welcome. ;) One Million Zombies: Direct, intense and frantic. How many zombies can you annihilate? One Million Zombies is an action game and your main concern will be to annihilate, annihilate and annihilate. It’s...
  17. 2Bad Games

    Demo 2URVIVE

    GAME DESCRIPTION 2URVIVE is an Indie top down shooter. The action takes place in a devastated world (as always ^^). Inspired by classic zombie movies, the Infected are everywhere. Follow Alan and John, two brothers who try to run away from this nightmare ! Kill the Infected and survive are your...
  18. vdweller

    Steam Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse

    A post-apocalyptic strategy/defense game Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse places players in a dystopian world filled with zombies and mutated creatures. Once glorious cities now stand in ruins, as the few remaining humans now live as scavengers, bereft of any organisation or hope. But not any...
  19. ramos

    Steam Flesh Eaters

    Flesh Eaters Flesh Eaters is retro style single player RTS zombie survival game with resource gathering and crafting. Zombies are everywhere! You must gather resources to build barricades, upgrade weapons and armour and explore the city under the siege of the dead Features: ★ Equip and...