zombie game

  1. D

    Android Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting Survival

    TITLE Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting Survival GENRE Shooter SUMMARY Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting Survival is a FREE game of action, construction, survival and shooting in which you only have 1 goal: kill zombies and survive 1 post-apocalyptic night more. A virus has caused a deadly pandemic...
  2. Michael Bateman

    Windows The LowRez Dead!! - LowRezJam 2017 Entry

    Download on Itch.io Here! The LowRez Dead is a top - down mouse controlled game, where left button moves you and right button shoots. You are Jack Times, and the zombie apocalypse has happened. Your food supplies are empty and you need to restock - by finding 10 portions of food! The game is...
  3. Z

    Android My Try At A Zombie Game (Shadow's Grave) ANDROID FREE

    Hey everyone, I am working on a zombie game for android devices. Right now it is just an endless horde mode, but later I may add levels and different weapons. It would mean the world to me if you guys gave it a download, and give me honest feedback to see if you guys like it. Also, let me know...