1. H

    Legality of copying code and what is too similar?

    Hello i have created a game for a while which i aim to publish on steam. It looks a lot like zelda but have a lot of original ideas. I make my crude art with the NES 8-bit palette in asperite(self limitation). The art is not final. But now 6 months in i realise I havent read up on what you can...
  2. Cloaked Games

    Design Design Survey - Zelda Style Games

    Hello, GameMaker community! I am currently working on the design for my new game. This is another Zelda-like game, just like my previous title. (Read more here). As I am researching and considering some key elements of this game, I wanted to get some input from other developers on the primary...
  3. L

    How to create a Camera

    Hi all I've just join today and started learning GML, I saw this game camera. I would like to clone it, I don't really know how to start coding this type of camera. The player can choose two different routes, then when the camera reaches a certain point it changes direction. the video is 8min...
  4. S

    Legacy GM Zelda-Styled Hearts (Split into quarters)

    GM Version: GMS 1.4 Target Platform: Windows Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oaffc8oeo42xahn/Zelda_Style_Hearts_Example.zip/file Links: N/A Summary: This example/tutorial demonstrates how to make a Zelda-themed hearts system. Unlike most examples I've seen online, this one splits the...
  5. S

    Smoother Graphics like The Minish Cap

    I am currently working on a game with an art style similar to The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap. After creating player sprites in the same style, I noticed that in the actual game the graphics look less pixelated and much smoother. I have been looking around the Internet to find a filter or...
  6. B

    Windows Zero Legend - A tribute to the Legend of Zelda

    A pixel-for-pixel remake of the original NES title, The Legend of Zelda. © 1986 Nintendo The complete over world, name registration, and item selection is complete. Just need to add the dungeons and enemies. I will be adding a 3rd quest as well. OneDrive link...
  7. T

    Steam Night of the Blood Moon - 71% Funded, Steam Page Up, New Trailers

    Heyo GameMakers Here for you is my first outing of Night of the Blood moon. The game that I hope to share with the world in due time. Hopefully you will all enjoy these demonstrations as much as I have making the game. NIGHT OF THE BLOOD MOON KICKSTARTER https://discord.gg/UfmG9k...
  8. NimNom1234

    Windows Basic zelda demo

    :) I got kinda bored, this helped me think about ideas for an upcoming game Also, I chose the strange screen size so it looks a bit more like a gameboy color game ;)
  9. martijndh

    Demo Horn of Balance (SNES Zelda style demo 22)

    A Legend of Zelda - Horn of Balance Techdemo Demo version: 0.22.74 File Size: 19,76 MB (Zipped) Screen Resolution: 320 x 240 (Changable) Download (Mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/file/lx81zpumrj11hdk/Zelda+0+22+74+(public+demo).zip/file Download (Dropbox)...
  10. D

    Asset - Graphics Overworld Vanilla Tileset

    This is a tileset for the base world of an adventure game. Link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6327/overworld-vanilla-tileset
  11. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 (Solved) zelda style screen scrolling isn't working

    hello I recently followed this tutorial however it seems my scrolling isn't working as intended it seems to do this.. this is my code I start transitions with and this is my code for my ScreenTransition object..
  12. H

    Legacy GM How to make the Peahat enemy from The Legend of Zelda

    Hello! I am trying to remake the Peahat enemies from The Legend of Zelda in Game Maker: Studio. However, I am having trouble mimicking their movement. They go about at random and sometimes move towards Link until they hit him or they miss hitting him, and they go back to just moving around at...
  13. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 reference objects though table?

    does anybody know if gamemaker supports things simulure to the ref keyword in C#? I have a list of map object that I am updating and I want to be able to set copies of those objects on the map. I want them to automatically update according to what is in the table. for example if I have a table...
  14. S

    Windows Sword and Staff - Retro hack-and-slash dungeoncrawling adventure

    EDIT 9/30/2017: Sword and Staff Alpha 0.2 is now available! Grab the free demo here! Changelog: After about 5 years (off and on) of working on my first full game, I'm proud to finally post the first Alpha build of Sword and Staff! The game can be purchased for $5 on itch.io. There's also a...
  15. H

    Legacy GM Making a The Legend of Zelda Tektite Enemy

    Hi! I'm trying to recreate the "Tektite" enemy from The Legend of Zelda in Game Maker Studio. I've tried for quite a while now but I can't really get it to work. Tektites are the spider-like enemies in Zelda, and they jump around randomly, and sometimes towards the player, often in groups...
  16. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 zelda 4 style collision in a platformer game

    can somebody tell me how to achieve zelda 4 style collision in a mario game? basicly that way zelda 4 collision worked is it only stopped if the player from walking into solid walls if there was a collision right next to him so something like this...
  17. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Problem with Zelda style hearts divided in 4 quarters

    Hello everyone, I am very new in Game Maker: Studio and my programming skills are still very limited, but I am working very hard in my project and I hope to see it finished some day. It is first time I ask for help, and I hope this community can help me. My problem is the one below: I have...
  18. A

    Discussion A Breath of the Wild

    Hello all! Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new Nintendo game...The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I beat the game over spring break, but I also don't think I explored every nook and cranny of the massive granny of a map they had. What do you all think? Hey try not to spoil...
  19. T

    Team Request Retro-style Game Development Startup Team

    Team name: (N/A) Site URL: (N/A) Hello, I am looking motivated people to join our team who are interested in developing small-scale video games from home. I'm currently 4 positions open: 1 programmer, 2 artists, and 1 sound engineer. We are not offering to pay our members yet. However, when we...
  20. M

    Steam The Elmian Warrior - EXPLORE, LOOT, AND CONQUER!

    The game is available now on Steam! get it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/667510/The_Elmian_Warrior/ Follow me on Twitter for future updates! https://twitter.com/the_MegaByte You have been revived as the last member of the Elmian Tribe by a mad doctor. You will come across things such...