zelda 2

  1. CreativeJon90

    Isle: A Pigs Tale

    Black Hill is a story about a lone pig’s journey. Living alone most of his later life, young Bo (lead character) has only known his parents, both farmers born and raised. Unfortunately, life has a way of making us feel alone, and cold. Bo’s parents passed away a few years ago. Out of fear of the...
  2. NimNom1234

    Team Request Looking for NES Music in Zelda 2 Style

    I know, I know bla bla bla r/choosingbeggars but this is just how I operate. I'm looking for FREE work for my Zelda 2 game that I'm creating. I'd like some music in the same style, but I'm in need of some new music and sound fx. The game is supposed to be like a new world with the Zelda 2...
  3. NimNom1234

    Zelda 2 demo and improvement update

    Thanks to everyone on the community <3 I MEANT TO SAY THREW AT 0:41