1. ZAK!

    3D 3D z axis.

    Hello! I just wanted to post a question on here on a little thing I wanted to try out. I decided to play around with the 3D matrices for 3D, Because I wanted to make a shooting space game (Mode7 ish). So I wanted to know how do you manipulate a objects Z axis? I understand there isnt one and Ill...
  2. P

    Trying to make a global z axis

    Hey everone, using this video I was able to get a zaxis implemented, although I don't fully understand it. Is anyone able to explain to me which part of this sets the z axis. I'm trying to make a script or a parent object that sets a z axis for all objects that may be floating or jumping. And...
  3. P

    Need help with shadows that grow and shrink with jump

    Hey everyone, I have this code implement from a tutorial I did. I have a z-axis in my game, and a jump command. When I jump, my shadow stays the same obviously. I am trying to work out an equation or simple solution to have it somehow multiply,divide, etc. by my zsp (my jump height on the...
  4. P

    How to jump in a Top-Down ARPG

    I've been following a tutorial on making an ARPG. I'm at the point where my character has basic movements and attacks. I'd like to try to implement a jump mechanic, that removes me from the instance on the ground plane, and allows me to jump in an artificial z-axis. Has anyone had any luck...
  5. Z

    Multiple Collisions Based On Z Axis

    Hi GMC ! For my game in fake 3D, I coded collisions with objects on the x axis and y axis ("normal" collisions). For the "jump" function, I need to set collisions on differents levels of floor. To do that, I created an object named "LEVEL", which take the depth of its layer and use it as z...
  6. H

    Jumping in a 4-directional Shooter

    Hello everyone! Currently I am working on a game that will play a bit like Shock Troopers for the NeoGeo. I am trying to figure out a way to implement a jumping ability for the player. Currently my player object has the following variables in it's Create Event: phy_bullet = true; hp = 10; spd =...