1. G

    Android / Amazon Fire Fixing the READ_PHONE_STATE? getting a bit tired of it..

    After a bit of struggle with GMS2 and different builds on Android, also publishing on Google Play market and so on.. I found this problem: it seems that particular implementation of Google Licensing (with the public key from the Play market dev. console) by YYG is done in such a way that does...
  2. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL GameMaker Studio 2 Forum Rules

    Unlike other forums on the GMC this forum has some very strict rules and we'd appreciate it if they were followed to the letter, at least until the Open Beta period ends. Any post that the staff deem inappropriate to this forum may be moved to another forum, closed, or simply removed all...
  3. Yambam

    IndieMendable Beta (Upload site/Community/YYG Sandbox archive)

    Click here... IndieMendable (earlier it was called GameMaker Spiral) is a place where you can upload games and get feedback on them. It's made to look like the old sandbox.yoyogames.com. You can upload your own games and search on the old YoYo website via the WayBack Machine and a database. To...