1. pipebkOT

     Please Fix the facebook extension tutorial document

    https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004488072-iOS-Android-and-HTML5-Integrating-Facebook I'm not an expert in coding so correct me if i'm wrong , but i don't think that that's how ds_list_create works problem 1 it gives a wrong number of arguments for function ds_list_create...
  2. 2

    Asset - Service Does Publisher Choose when Products Go On Sale or Yoyo?

    As a publisher to the Marketplace do you control when your products go on sale, or just the sale price?
  3. Erayd

    GMS 2 I Seriously Appreciate Yoyo

    I want to say it because I don't know if it's said enough. I appreciate the game engine, the forums, the bug fixes, the support team, everything. I've been learning game design/programming for about 8 years now and game design isn't my job, it's my hobby. My job is hard to explain, but put...
  4. A

    Discussion About Spine Support for GMS2

    I wanted to use Spine for making animations for a platformer, the general consensus seems to be that GMS2's spine support is abysmal, I would appreciate it if anyone can recommend me a good animation program for platformer animations. Also, I would like to know if the spine runtimes are going...
  5. Edwin

    What is the first game ever made in GameMaker?

    Did YoYo/YoYoGames team, when testing GameMaker, made the demo game for it or something? Did anyone wonder about it?
  6. MarceloP

    Android YoYo's Google Play Services - Async Social problems

    Hello again guys, To explain again, I've been using Yoyo's Google Play Service Extension. I'm also using IDE v2.1.5.322 and Runtime v2.1.5.246. While using the extension I noticed that the Social Async callbacks doesn't work correctly with the Rewarded Ad. According to this Yoyo Blog Post...
  7. MarceloP

    Android [SOLVED] Getting in some trouble with Ads

    Hello guys, Well, I've been playing around with ads in Android and GMS2 for the first time, since my team and I are developing our first game that has ads. Everything went fine while using the Google Play Services Extension and setting it up in the Preferences of my game. I majorly followed...
  8. P

    GML Sprite doesnt change...

    I made a script and all the sprites change except a couple of them (the sprite changes on calcquest). Please help me, I am realy desperate... My code: global.vraag += 1; if (global.vraag = 1){ sprite_index = spr_goedantvr2; object_set_sprite(obj_calcquest, spr_calcvrg2)...
  9. Anomaly

    GMS 2 Yoyo Games based Crowd Funding

    just a thought, but i think it would be cool to have an endowment fund or some such thing that would give licensees to people who have made a functional prototype out of their game idea... And if their presentation and demo is voted on either by the community, or a panel at yoyo games.. then...
  10. zendraw

    Discussion YOYO sellin out to Microsoft?

    we are doomed, this proves it
  11. W

    Help please.

    Hi! I need help. I've downloaded the BETA for game maker 2 about 3 days ago I'm currently working through the tutorial made by YoYo games I've tried to redo it several times but the same thing keeps happening, can someone please explain what I've done wrong in terms I can understand? I've...
  12. N

    Where is the YoYo Games Runner apk?

    I can't find the Yoyo Games Runner apk (com.yoyogames.runner.apk), I searched in the Android file (AppData\Roaming\GameMaker-Studio\Android), but there's nothing, and I can't test my android game via data cable. Some help please, and thanks.