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  1. U

    Question - Account I can't log in to yoyogames(solved)

    The community keeps you logged in, whereas the marketplace doesn't. So I tried to log in, I typed my email address and password, but I can't log in. I changed my password but still can't log in. What should I do? ? ? With this, Google extension data cannot be imported. I am going to cry···
  2. Yellowhite

    SOLVED Cannot reach accounts.yoyogames.com

    I think this problem it's something casual... ... eu tento acessar o site e pronto. Alguma ajuda pessoal? EDIT: Ok, what i do it's: Go to C:/Windows/System32/drievrs/etc and delete the 'hosts' thereo'a a solution :)
  3. M

    Can't login to My YoYo Games account.

    So I am a GMS 1.4 user and unfortunately I Cannot get into the studio app or the yoyogames website. A couple of hours ago I tried to login through the app and received the message "User not Found". I tried different email addresses and different passwords that I may have used until I assumed I...
  4. shadowelite7

    My friend can't log in to his yoyo games account and GMS2

    I am creating a forum post for him because he can't log in to his yoyo games and gms2. He says "I log in and the screen says something is wrong" here is his screenshot
  5. Furkan Karabudak

    Question - IDE [SELF-SOLVED :D] I can't login to GameMaker Studio 2

    I can't login to GameMaker Studio 2 (Steam). I'll tell you everything in order. • Yesterday I couldn't export or test my project for any platform. I waited about 15-20 mins for build. But, there was no process in the output window. So, today I uninstalled GameMaker and reinstalled it via Steam...
  6. T

    YoYo Games will not register--Please help

    I feel as if multiple other people have made posts about this same issue, but I still felt the need to make my own. I have been trying to register on YoYo Games for hours now so that I can download GameMaker and use it, but every time I send in my information I get directed to an error page...
  7. S

    Yoyo account gone. What can I do?

    I understand that the community forum had to have everyone create new logins. But my account with main company has also disappeared. (I had to create a new one with the same info just to complain.) Thing is this account has my license keys registered with it. They/I can't just drop that...