1. samspade

    GMS 2 GameMaker and YouTube Tutorials

    Recently I was curious about how YouTube channels focusing on GameMaker tutorials do, and what I could learn from them, so I did some research and came up with the following information: Google Sheet Link. I'm not being particularly rigorous, but I believe most of the numbers are correct (or...
  2. S

    Pulling Subscriber Count From Youtube

    I use GML and I cannot figure out how to pull a YouTuber's subscriber count into Gamemaker. Iv tried messing around with the get_http and the other fancy commands but I think this is above my level of understanding. If you know this stuff could you try helping me out with it?
  3. K12gamer

    Post the best GameMaker game videos...

    Note: Post actual games... Not tutorials. Optional: Tell why you picked that particular video. I've been watching tons of random videos on Youtube during the "stay at home" crisis. Way more time on Youtube than on Netflix / On demand. Honestly thinking about getting rid of a lot of my X-finity...
  4. William E.

    Article Game Audio Lookout - A YouTube series on how music and sound in games work

    Hi, I’d like to show you my current video project “Game Audio Lookout”. It is not a game itself but a series on YouTube about how music and sound design in games work. There is three episodes I produced within the last month and I’m planning to release them on a regular basis! Here's the most...
  5. DanniBoy

    Favorite YouTube Channels/Videos

    I watch a lotta Youtube. I watch it like television! from videogame related stuff to comedy skits to armed European martial arts demonstrations, I'll probably watch if it's interesting xD Feel free to post a channel or a video you like, give a lil summery too if you're so inclined. I can't link...
  6. Slyddar

    Free Twos! - Puzzle and Strategy game

    Well it's time to release my first app on both IOS and Android, and I would love to hear any feedback from you, and see your scores on the leaderboards! Twos! is a puzzle and strategy game requiring quick thinking and efficient use of powerups to keep your board clear and generate higher...
  7. Cpaz

    Game developers, youtubers, and the law.

    Preface/Objective bit: In light of recent events, I feel it's apropriate to spark discussion on this topic. Notably the disturbingly vast number of people praising Campo Santo filing DMCA takedowns of Pewdiepies videos on Firewatch following his recent "comments." Subjective bit: (Unrelated to...
  8. W

    Article Game Making Podcasts, YouTube Channels and Blogs

    GM and Game Dev Links Podcasts GameMaker obj_podcast | RSS | Game Design, Game Industry Discussion, Interviews The Gamemaker Podcast | RSS | Game Design, Game Industry Discussion, Interviews Game Dev (Retired) | RSS | Game Design, Game Industry Discussion, Interviews Clockwork Game...
  9. gamedev4life

    GML My first Game Maker tutorial - Sprite transition animations!

    Hi again all! In this video I explain how I structure my transitional animation in photoshop and how I code it in GML Let me know what you think!
  10. S

     VineGame [Working Title]

    Welcome to the newest Vinesauce Inspired fan-game that will likely not become completed. But just in-case it does, or if anyone is just interested in watch where it goes, I decided to make this. If you don't know what Vinesauce is, it's a group of mainly Twitch streamers who also upload some of...
  11. S

    Android How do I get more exposure for my game?

    I just published my first game to the Google Play Store and I am looking for ways to market it and get the word out about it. I don't really know how to do this, and it doesn't help that my budget for marketing is $0.00. Do you guys have any suggestions? Would anyone want to work together with...
  12. RizbIT

    Crazy facts about Popcorn..

    I was eating some then thought how awesome a food.. Watch this video I made: Do you agree. I mean its so easy to make and you dont even need any other ingredients just heat, which you can make by lighting a campfire.
  13. E

    How Would I Make This Text Box dissapear FIXED

    How would I destroy a textbox made in this video? Hope you can help, Thanks!
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Problem with collision - Video to explain

    So as you can see collision is of course red, sometimes bullet goes through it and sometimes is detected too early. I'm using Bouding Box: Automatic, Shape: Precise for collision sprite and it's looking good on preview. So why is that happening and how to fix it?
  15. AhmedSh4hien

    I made a compilation video..

    Hi there! So it has been 7 years since I started learning game maker , It was january 2010 (dont remember the day) and since then I fell in love with game design. My first game ever was made with the help of the tutorial that came with game maker 8 and after a few tries with no successful run I...