y axis

  1. U

    Problem with collision, but maybe with image_angle

    Hey, i'm triying to make a tetris ghost piece, but it glitchs only in this case my code is if place_meeting(x, y, solid_o){ y -= 8} if !place_meeting(x, y + 1, solid_o)and(!place_meeting(x, y + 1,wall_o)){ y += 8} if place_meeting(x, y, wall_o){ y -= 8 } the sprite have precise...
  2. SonicTheHedgehog+123

    Legacy GM [solved]Collision Event doesnt work on y axis

    I want that my player to restart the room when he is between a vertical platform and the floor. It works that when he is meeting the floor and the platform he restarts the room. But the strange problem I have is when I am jumping on the y axis of the platform and the platform is moving...
  3. IE Entertainment

    Dynamic sprite size?

    Hello, everyone. Not sure what to call the thing I’m asking about but I want my sprites to dynamically change size based on their background depth. For example, imagine a side scrolling view but when ever your character walks towards the background, the sprite would appear appear smaller based...
  4. S

    Dragging y axis of an object with the mouse / Fake SMS page

    Hello ! I'm making a find phone game and, actually, i'm doing the SMS system. Anyone know how to make the scroll system? I tried with something like: When you click: sprite_set_offset(my_sprite,0, mouse_y); and after: y = mouse_y; <-- when held down This solution only works at the first click...
  5. A. DeVivo

    parallax background on the y axis

    Hey all! First time posting! Fairly new to GM2 but learning. In order to create depth on an island level, I'd like the horizon level of the ocean background layer to somewhat follow the player/ be fixed to the camera as the player/camera descend the y axis. I've been toying with lerp to do...