1. KyleRansford

    GMS 2.3+ Saving And Loading When Targeting Xbox/UWP

    Hello, can someone help me understand how the "Saving And Loading When Targeting Xbox" actually works? I've tried this before in the last version of GMS, but I don't quite understand the instructions on the link. It doesn't explain if I'm supposed to add the async code in a script with my...
  2. HPX

    UWP Is UWP License worth it with next gen so close?

    I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy the UWP license with the intent of eventually releasing games onto Xbox consoles? It's listed as being tied to the Xbox One Creators program, but with the Series X just a few months away, would I be forced to publish my game to an obsolete platform in 2-3+...
  3. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 How to use a GamePad?

    I know that is a very vague question, but if we just assume that I have a completely empty project and I want to see if a specific controller is pressing the right trigger. I know that there is a way to make a 1D array of the controllers that are currently plugged in, is there a way to select...
  4. K12gamer

    Discussion Next Gen Console / PC discussion...

    Note: This thread was originally titled: XBOX Series X Gameplay (Using PC Footage) The next generation of consoles is upon us. And PC tech keeps getting better all the time! What are your thoughts on the upcoming tech? Does Moore's Law still hold true? This is the first generation I will...
  5. T

    UWP UWP XBOX One Start Button / Menu Button issue

    Hey, I'm messing with some XBOX One export stuff via UWP and everything's finally going smoothly, but there's one problem. When a player hits the start button / menu button on the XBox Controller, the screen dims and makes a sound. Then when they press pause again or the b button it goes away...
  6. K12gamer

    Opinion Your thoughts on the XBOX Series X unveil...(plus thoughts on PS5)...

    Microsoft unveiled it's XBOX Series X at a recent Game Awards show. It looks very good to me. It looks to be more than 3x smaller than my PC...but 25+ times more powerful. Amazed they can fit that kind of power in such a compact design. I honestly wish it came with Windows 10 plus free Microsoft...
  7. Kamil Brzezinski

    UWP Connection to XBOX issue

    Since last GM2 update I can't connect to my dev Xbox One from Game Maker. I can't build or upload to test my game. IP and port is same as in Device Portal on my Xbox One screen. GM Support is not responding.
  8. V

    UWP Having difficulty getting Xbox achievements to pop.

    There's a lot to the setup of Xbox Live functionality, but as far as I can tell, I've done everything I need to. I have created the achievements for the game (they even show up in the guide while I'm playing). I have followed everything on the "Adding Xbox Live Support" page. I have properly...
  9. K

    Is there a way to export to Xbox One without UWP module

    As far as I know, the Xbox One export module costs 800 dollars. Which is quite expensive, too expensive for me. I also already had to pay for Microsoft Dev Account. So isn't there another way to export to Xbox One?
  10. boymakesnoise

    Question - IDE gp_shoulderrb not registering on right trigger

    draw_text(10, 20, string(gamepad_axis_value(0, gp_shoulderrb))) gives me no result (0) when pressing the right trigger, but does print a value when I press the left joystick to the left or right. Same goes for gp_shoulderlb. My Xbox360 controller registers all buttons and axes fine in the...
  11. J

    UWP Has anyone gotten xboxlive_sprite_add_from_gamerpicture to work?

    I am working on a Creators Program game. I have this code (from a sample): var _a = 0; var _num = xboxlive_get_user_count(); for (var i = 0; i < _num; ++i;) { var _uid = xboxlive_get_user(i); if _uid != pointer_null {...
  12. TheProgrammer163

    UWP Games for Xbox One using the UWP from GameMaker: Studio 1.4 possible?

    I was gonna buy/I might buy the GMS2 UWP export module to make games playable on Xbox One, but I realized have the UWP export module for GMS1. My Xbox is in another city (long story) so I can't easily test this right now. Does the UWP from GMS1 work for Xbox One ? EDIT: GMS 1.4.9999 (Can't...
  13. Slyddar

    GML PS4 / Direct Input controllers DC when focus lost

    I'm playing around with various controllers in a game that has coop, and noticed in the documentation, specifically this "Also note that the Direct Input interface is run in cooperative mode which means that your game only has access when it is the foreground application, which in turn will...
  14. Q

    Xbox Controller Help

    Hey Ive been working on a platformer game for a while, and I wanted to change the controls so I can also use an Xbox Controller. My controls were all made with drag n drop so Ive been having trouble with getting this to work. Is it possible that I can make an event for a button on the controller...
  15. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Testing a script for controllers (request)

    I have been creating a script that detects certain controller brands (Xbox, Playstation, etc) that would change the in-game button prompts when detected. The problem is I have only one controller that works and I was hoping some here would test to see if their controller(s) would check to see if...
  16. J

    UWP Steam Vs UWP

    Hi, I released my game on Steam a few weeks ago and the sales are... Slow. I'm looking for other avenues of income and platforms and I see YoYo is giving discounts for those of us who has the old UWP licence and if we upgrade them we get to publish on Xbox One Creators Program as well as Windows...
  17. B

    UWP Setting up Xbox Live creator program?

    Loving the new 2.1 update to GMS but couldn't help but notice there is an Xbox Live section under the UWP settings, is anyone aware of how to set this up and where to download an SDK, or are we going to have to build our own UWP DLL's to actually interface with the Xbox Live API?
  18. M

    Legacy GM [Solved] Any Way to Replace Gamepad Descriptions?

    Hello, all! I've read through the GM:S manual and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for; or if it's even possible. In the game I'm working on, when I plug in my controller, it gives me its description, "Xbox 360 Controller (XInput STANDARD GAMEPAD)", which is great! It works how it's...
  19. Pfap

    UWP Xbox mouse shutoff

    I have my game running on xbox, but even with the "display mouse" option unchecked in the uwp options in gamemaker studio 2 the mouse is still visible. I think it may be a gamemaker bug or possibly something with visual studio. Has anybody dealt with this before?
  20. V

    Graphics Xbox controller UI

    I started making some really, really basic sprites as UI elements for xbox controllers. I started it with an xbone controller buttons design, and it's not done yet, but I'll keep you guys updated. I'm also going to include a random project to show how it looks Download Xbone design - WIP |...