xbox live

  1. ViridianGames

    UWP Having difficulty getting Xbox achievements to pop.

    There's a lot to the setup of Xbox Live functionality, but as far as I can tell, I've done everything I need to. I have created the achievements for the game (they even show up in the guide while I'm playing). I have followed everything on the "Adding Xbox Live Support" page. I have properly...
  2. Xitilon

    UWP How do we use Xbox One Cloud?

    Hi! We're porting a game made in Game Maker: Studio 2, to Xbox One, using the UWP export module. We're going through more elaborate ID@XBOX program, not through the simple Creators Program, so we need to implement save data roaming between two consoles, when user goes from one to another...
  3. bshadow8

    UWP NOT FIXED///Failure with XBOX LIVE Gamer Tag

    Hello everyone, so yeah 1 the new update came around and now Game Maker 2.2 has ruined the code to retrieve the gamer tag ID on XBOX Live UWP export to XBOX ONE...yeah. So I made a simple object that is persistent and uses this code set on action - synchronize social - ... if...
  4. J

    UWP Making Changes to the manifest

    I want to make changes to the package.AppxManifest for my UWP project located in the PFX signing certificate location, however when i make the changes and then compile the build with GMS2 and then look at the build's temp location i see that that the changes have been reset, and they are...
  5. Jason Bentley

    Xbox One UWP 1.x Added support for basic Xbox Live sign-in handling?

    In 1.4.1767 release notes, it states: UWP: Added support for basic Xbox Live sign-in handling So when I make an asynchronous system event it states that the xboxlive_gamer_tag_for_user function or script doesn't exist. Is there some Xbox Live extension I have to import? var _type =...
  6. Big_Macca_101

    UWP Setting up Xbox Live creator program?

    Loving the new 2.1 update to GMS but couldn't help but notice there is an Xbox Live section under the UWP settings, is anyone aware of how to set this up and where to download an SDK, or are we going to have to build our own UWP DLL's to actually interface with the Xbox Live API?