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    GMS 2.3+ Problems with using image_xscale on a chasing enemy.

    Hello, apologies if this is in the wrong place but I'm having a problem with the code I'm using to have enemies face the player character. Basically whats happening is if the enemy and the player character are sharing the same x position (e.g. directly above or below the player) the enemy sprite...
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    Legacy GM Issue with x_scale/y_scale

    It seems like a simple problem, but I just can't figure it out. When I increase the scale of an object it usually works fine. The code is as simple as if (grow == true) { image_xscale += .008; image_yscale += .008; } Whenever grow is false, it should stop...
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    x_scale help

    Hi! so Im working on a 2d platformer and I have been having some problems with the x and y scale coding ive tried multiple things and now i have this: if (key_left) { image_xscale=-3; image_yscale=3; if (key_right ) { image_xscale=3; image_yscale=3; } i also used this code...