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  1. Z

    UWP Publishing a UWP app to Windows Phone 10 (arm)

    Is there a way I can export my game to Windows Phone 10 (ARM)? I dont own the Windows Phone 8 module and I have to luck creating a Windows 8 app. I thought the Universal Windows App worked on Windows 10, Windows Phone 10 and Xbox One.
  2. LEGOlars

    Released Wuppo; Boss Run (free Update)! ( unique hand drawn open world RPG platform adventure )

    Hello everyone! :D I started working on this game about 7 years ago (no joke xD). And after many complete reboots, lots of adjustments and most of all hours upon hours upon hours of work, Wuppo will FINALLY release September 29th 2016! I'm very curious what you guys think! - Game available on...