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  1. D

    Job Offer - General Wanted: Comedic Writer (aRPG)

    Hey, we're a small team with a limited budget looking for a writer for a comedic action RPG. You can present anything that could count as a portfolio so that your skills can be assessed. Your humor can be surreal, satirical, biting... You've got to be funny. DM us with your portfolios.
  2. C

    Team Request A brand new storytelling game dev studio is looking for staff.

    Hi guys. Let me just very quickly introduce myself. My name is Peter Cernuska and I'm 41. I'm founder and producer of a brand new studio for the development of storytelling video games with managerial aspects that is currently looking for new members. I have experience mainly in business and...
  3. I

    Team Request Correct English Grammaticals

    Hi there, i am working on a RPG game. Due to my native language is not English i got a lots troubles writing dialogues as well as items' description and so on. Is there someone willing to help me on correct English grammaticals for my game? Though i don't said this mean we're a team but if you...
  4. jswmusic

    Portfolio - Audio Composer looking to collaborate! Very cheap!

    Composer looking for work! Check out my website https://www.joewatsonmusic.co.uk for snippets of what I can do! Don't hesitate to contact me!
  5. U

    Job Offer - General MAXHEART™ Game Needs Writer [Paid]

  6. S

    Team Request looking for artists for top down ARPG and others willing to help

    The game will be a top down ARPG with heavy story elements. Fantasy themed. A prototype is finished and the design document is finished. So far there is two people working on this project. Me, who will be the writer and designer, and one programmer. The Story. The player character wakes up and...
  7. D

    Portfolio - Art Concept Designer/Concept Artist/Writer

    My name in these forums is Decus Q. I'm a Concept Designer, Concept Artist and Writer. Sadly I have not made a real video game due to my lack of brain power for tech skills. I'm actually looking to form a team to make Original Story Driven Video Games whether they are RPGs or Simple Casual games...