1. jobjorgos

    GMS 2.3+ How do I write 1 empty row between all the sections in my config.ini file?

    As you can see in the config.ini file below, all sections gets writted without free space (1 empty row) between the sections. Should not be there one empty row between the sections as default? and if its not default, is there a way to write an empty row after every section manully? Having all...
  2. Valrad

    GMS 2 Write into a specific position of a text file

    Hello, I have a problem with the whole system of file handling of GMS2. Actually, I don't know how add things to a pre-existent text file in a specific position in it. With the functions we already have, we can only open it, write something that will automatically delete everything else, and...
  3. jobjorgos

    GML any tips on how to improve my ini writing file for configs?

    Hey I made a config.ini file for my game where players can store there configuration preferences and that keep them for next time when the player launch the application. Im afraid the text that gets written in the INI file is a bit too messy. Any tip to imrpove this? I also dont understand why...
  4. Simon Gust

    GML Fastest way to read / write using data structures

    I have some questions regarding data structures. I know that they are altered arrays with various features in them making them suitable for different situations. In my situation, I want to read and write a lot of data in a single draw. My idea was to use a ds_stack to push and pop data super...
  5. W

    Learn to write basic code

    Cung cấp cho tôi một hướng dẫn về viết mã cơ bản, cảm ơn bạn
  6. 2

    GML Write ds_map to ini file, Read ds_map from ini file

    How do I write a ds_map into an ini file and then reassemble the map from an ini file's contents so I can use it in game? The actual ini values should be difficult to edit ds_map gibberish. How do I put it back together as a ds_map in game, so I can check the individual key values, and set them...
  7. B

    Legacy GM Buffer write [SOLVED]

    How do you decide when to use buffer_u or buffer_s? And how do you decide when to use buffer_u8 or buffer_u16 or buffer_u32?
  8. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Textboxes and writing and not writing keyboard_string

    I guess that for solved topics, expecting to get any more advice isn't going to happen: Well, I guess I'll have to reiterate in a new topic. Essentially, apparently within that topic "keyboard_string = "";" works as a way of preventing a string writing into a text box or whatever else without...
  9. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Selecting a random character from a text file

    Trying to make a script create a 16-character string variable and write it inside a text file through randomly selecting from the characters of that are inside another text file. The only way I could think of . And I'm pretty sure the "file.txt".data is wrong, but I don't know what would be...
  10. jb skaggs

    GML ds_grid conventions

    when is it preferrable and why to use these items that seem to be the same thing: my_grid[#1,1]=string; ds_grid_add(my_grid,x,y,string); ds_grid_set(my_grid,x,y,string); same thing with reading string=my_grid[#1,1]; string=ds_grid_get(my_grid,x,y); thanks
  11. NathanAuckett

    Windows INI File with Base64

    Hi! Our current project uses ini files to save all it's data. I decided to try and encode it using the basic base64_encode/decode functions and made some scripts to make that process simpler. The script would take the normal ini arguments, encode the section, key and value, and then save as...
  12. G

    Writing then Reading URL Information

    I am going to write the code and the questions I have correspond accordingly. Let's say I have two objects... object_writer Create Event: http_post_string(/*QUESTION 1*/, 123); object_reader Draw Event textToRead = /*QUESTION 2*/ draw_text(x, y, textToRead); Question 1: What is an example...