1. J

    Creating a World Map Similar to Shovel Knight or SMB3

    Hello, I am starting a new video game similar to SMBs, and I was wondering what the best way to set up a level selection world where you can move from each level like a little map? I can get a character to jump to the next selection, but I would like it to look like it is walking over there. I...
  2. Turkish Coffee

    Legacy GM Procedural World Generation [GM:S 1.4]

    Hey, I'm creating a world with these codes and I ask for optimization tips as its my first time creating & handling a huge procedural room. And I'd like to know how I should approach "creating parallax moving backgrounds using oBiomeObjects" Step event of oGame (deleted some unneeded codes)...
  3. U

    Asset - Project Stick World Online (GMS 2 <- 1.4)

    Stick World Online Asset Stick World Online [v2] (SWO) is an online multiplayer open-world platformer stick-figure game with RPG elements. SWO is a project I started in 2011 (based on v1 which I started in 2009, old video of v1 can be found here: ). The game was later abandoned in 2012 after I...
  4. L

    How to generate a world?

    I have a what is a 2d, top down, adventure/exploration game in a 32x32 block style. My question is where to begin with creating a world? Currently with a small map I create a 32x32 instance at every point in the map, and then check its distance to other randomly placed objects such as...
  5. M

    Help me spread the word

    Top-down tank rpg. I need the word to get spread! :) Links removed ~Tsuk This is the game i made and i need to grow my comunauty. hope i can have the most help i can have even if its only publishing on facebook :)
  6. D

    Demo Kingdom Isle Adventure RPG

    -Explore the Kingdom, -Find weapons and items, -Solve puzzles, kill enemies, -Interact with the world around you. -Defeat the evil Iron Eye and save the Kingdom! Weapons include: -Pitchfork -Bombs -Bow -Arrows -Golden Arrow Items Include: -Wishing Well -10 Total Heart Containers -Blue Key...
  7. X

    Windows RagnumWorld I - Download Now (Updated 1.0.1)

    Name: RagnumWorld I Version: 1.0.1 Platform: Game Maker Studio 1.4 Description: Explore this amazing world RPG where there will be several monsters to battle, multiple quests for you to win many rewards and many items for your indestructible hero! Choose your hero name and come to know this...
  8. Turkish Coffee

    Legacy GM How does the Infinite Worlds get generated?

    Hey, I'm curious about the infinite worlds -rooms- How they adjust the room width or height? Can we do room_width = room_width+10 for example?
  9. Misu

    An abandoned world!

    I dunno about you all but not a skeptical person when it comes to sharing stuff on the internet, including this. I have a huge admiration on abandoned places. I used to do urban spelunking when I was in college and boy was it so fascinating to explore what used to be marked by humans but lost in...
  10. M

    Beta Super Mario Bros 3d Sidescroller World 1 Remake!

    Hey there thanks for checking this out! Any and all feedback is appreciated as it is far from finished! I'm currently almost done remaking world 1-1 from super mario bros in 3d and will only be doing the first 4 levels or the first levels from super mario bros 3 and super mario world. I am still...
  11. zendraw

    Legacy GM Saving instances in room

    Hi, i was wondering what mehtods can you guys reccomend for saving objects in a room, but only for the current gaming sesion, if you start a new game or load a saved game the room to be renewed, somthing like Diablo 2, so overall theyr kept only while you play, if you leave the game the world is...