1. YamboGames

    GMS 2.3+ I can not open a specific script

    Hello! When I try to open one of my scripts, which isn't even particularly large, nothing happens. Doubleclicking it doesnt bring it onto the workspace area, nor rightclicking -> edit helps. The only thing I can do to edit the file is either through the windows explorer, or clicking a function...
  2. D

    Windows Image Quality in the Workspace 1 Tab

    All windows are adequately displayed, taking the desired extension. And one is not. Please tell me why and how to fix it?
  3. SonOfWinter

    Question - IDE Zoomed gameMaker window

    Hello, i have a problem with game maker studio 2 interface. I have 2 types of screen : - 15,5" (2880*1800) - 24" (1920*1080) On the first one, game maker interface is ok but on the second is zoomed ... On 15,5" on 24" Another example with settings window : The top and the bottom of...
  4. F

    Question - IDE 5 essential IDE/GUI improvements

    Hi there, Been using GMS since 2014 and have some suggestions on GMS2s environment that'll help improve workflow. Hopefully these are already on the cards :) -Sub tabs When you full screen multiple objects event codes or scripts it puts it into one 'Code' tab, where you cannot tell which...
  5. imuniz

    Question - IDE GameMaker looks pixelated.

    look how ugly game maker gets sometimes. how to fix it please?
  6. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Customize tab size in workspace

    I cant read the full name of my scripts in the tabs because some of them are a bit long so I would like to make the tab larger or maybe just have a smaller font size. Is there a way to make the tab content appear entirely without needing to enlarge the window? Thank you.
  7. B

     Workspace overview

    Hi, maybe I don't get the workspace overview ("ctrl + tab") right but it seems to me to have one or more bugs. Let's say 3 windows on the workspace are open. The workspace overview would display it the following way (unfortunately I can't make a screenshot): ======================== Workspace1...
  8. B

     Close dialogs and workspace objects with shortcuts

    Hi, would it be possible to add a shortcut to close dialogs like the prefs, the color picker or sprite selectot? Imho "esc" would make sense. Would it be possible to add a shortcut to close "objects" (or how you call them) on the workspace like sprite windows or object windows? Imho "ctrl +...
  9. B

     Focus onto resource name when creating resource?

    Hi, would it be possible when creating a resource using a shortcut (eg. "alt + s" for creating a sprite) to set the focus into the resource' name field or maybe even better onto the filename inside the resource tree? (see screenshot) It's not very intuitive to create a resource with a shortcut...
  10. B

     Shortcuts for creating resources don't work when code editor focused

    Hi, from the workspace, the room editor or if the resources panel is activated I can use "alt + c / s / o" to create resources. These shortcuts don't work if the code editor is focused Bug or feature?
  11. B

     Mouse cursor and some dialogs too small on high dpi

    Hi, my window 10 desktop resolution is set to 3000 x 2000. In GMS 2 prefs the option "Enable DPI override" is _disabled_ (see screenshot). The whole GMS looks fine except two things: - the text mouse cursor (inside the code editor) is way to tiny (see screenshots for comparison between the...
  12. V

    Question - IDE GMS2 GUI Help

    Hello GM Team and community people, I am returning to Game Maker after a REALLY LONG time (8-9 years). I purchased a studio 2 license, and the UI seems to be quite different from what I was used to. Two things in particular have been bothering me. 1. Is there a way I can get the 'Tree View...
  13. Z

     Move scripts out of the object Workspace area request

    I would like to see an option to window scripts outside of the workspace mess we currently have now. I want to always have the script in front of me and the objects as you have them now in the workspace. In other words take scripts out of the object workspace and allow the scripts to be windowed...
  14. G

     IDE suggestion: auto-reorganize objects in workspace when one is closed

    My first suggestion would be allowing individual events to be opened from the resource tree (opening into a full-screen code window) and allowing events to be created from the resource tree--basically allowing the workspace to be relegated to the object's edit box for assigning a sprite, etc...
  15. N

    Question - IDE Close Active Window Shortcut

    So I'm relatively new to both GameMaker 1.4 and 2.0, having just completed the 1.4 tutorial before 2.0 came out. I just jumped to 2.0, and I'm loving the IDE as I'm used to other IDEs like Visual Studios. However I'm working on a laptop with a limited resolution so I'm trying to learn all the...
  16. T

    Windows [SOLVED] GMS2 not responding too often & Workspace managing

    Hi, I'm new to GMS2. and not good at English. so please understand that. I have 2 questions. 1. GMS2 not responding too often, when I moving focus. (e.g, making new sprite, new script, moving between Workspaces) Is there any solution or precautions? 2. When I keep using GMS2, so many object &...
  17. R

     A few minor workspace suggestions

    Here's a few suggestions for the workspace that may help improve a coder's workflow. Clicking on "Edit Sprite" from the object should open and connect the sprite window to the left, instead of adding it to the bottom of the stack of objects. Add an option to allow users to set the default...
  18. xDGameStudios

     Shortcut to center workspace on parent panel [SUGGESTION]

    I thought of a solution that could help development on small screens, clicking on an event will make the workspace pan to the child (code) panel, instead of getting rid of this feature... I wanted to know if you can add a shortcut to make the workspace pan between open panels for example...
  19. R

     Workspace Suggestion

    I think the workspace has a lot of potential, although it could use a few tweaks. My biggest issue is that I don't really like editing code in the workspace. It's fine as long as you're only looking at code for a single object, but as soon as you need to view code from multiple objects, it can...
  20. Avyrra

     [Suggestion] Mouse Control in the User Interface

    I love that I can zoom and pan in the workspace now, however after messing around for quite a while now, I often find that I cannot do either with the mouse wheel so long as the cursor is within a window. In fact (although you kinda have to put some effort into it), it's entirely possible to...