working directory

  1. O

    Accessing included files while running from IDE

    Hello, So I can successfully read and write to the working directory while running from the IDE (using F5 on Windows), using "buffer_load" and "buffer_save". I have also included some text files in the project using the "Included Files" resources. However, I'm not sure how to access these when...
  2. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 working_directory returns the wrong path?

    File saving has always been a pain for me in gms2... The other day I noticed that Game Maker Studio 2 creates temporary Z, Y, and X hard drives when I run my project. When I use "working_directory" to return where my game is being run, it returns a path from one of these temporary hard drives...
  3. Edwin

    Legacy GM How to create a folder outside a working directory

    Hello, pals! You, guys, perfectly know that GM:S creates your game data in C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local folder. So I wanna create a folder with specific name (team/company name) and put there my every game. This is example: So, how I can perform it?
  4. A

    How to access files in the working_directory from an Android extension?

    I'm trying to make an extension that allows the player to share a screenshot of their game. I've made the extension able to send images, and I've made the game take a screenshot with screen_save, but I'm not sure how to pass the path of the image to the extension, as simply giving it the...
  5. W

    Android Working directory and extensions

    Hello, I am making an extension that, as well as many other things, can put a file from the game's included files into a folder that the player (or game developer) chooses, it works fine if you want to transfer a file from the device to a chosen folder, but getting the address to the game asset...
  6. D

    Windows Reading Files in Trial Version

    I'm trying out GM Studio 2 to see if it will work for my game idea. I'd like to be able to read in a txt file. It seems that the working directory changes every time I compile/run the game which makes it impossible to keep a file in the working directory that GM reads in at the beginning of the...
  7. Posho

    HTML5 Reading a File from Another Game's Working Directory in HTML5

    Hello, I am working on an HTML5 game that uses an image export button. I have an extension that allows me to save the game's screen to an image in HTML5 but only works if WebGL if off, however my game overall does require the use of WebGL. My first idea around this is to save the data that...
  8. G

    iOS GameMaker not actually saving in Documents directory

    GameMaker says that the default working directory for iOS is the Documents directory in your app files: However, when I print out the value of the working_directory...
  9. D

    Android wheres working directory on android?

    im sure this is a common question but im stumped, im using the following code to create a txt file on android and it works, but how can I manualy look at the txt file without using gamemaker? and is there a different method I should be using so I can manualy open the txt file outside of...