1. kureoni

    Team Request Does anyone need an artist?

    I am accepting a work as an artist for a game, I do 2D and pixel art sprites and I'll also animate them, I can also make scenarios and other art related things. I have an Instagram (where I post my digital paintings) if you would like to see my abilities and I'll attach a print screen for the...
  2. Elodman

    Opinion Notable Deals

    Greets. Possibly some take his / her hobby - and hopefully trade - seriously, committed to spend a few thousand hours in front of a monitor, filled with productive programs. For easing this process, the following deals I found to be quite beneficial, so invested in them and recommend: Humble...
  3. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - General Hiring pixel artist and programmers

    Hello, my name is Oliver and I am in need of pixel artist and programmers for a new rhythm based rpg "Pulse". Combat is centered around inputting party commands in time with the background music along with many other music related mechanics. The first major goal will be to create a proper...
  4. Tyrzi

    Windows How to make a game see if another program is active?

    I was thinking of making a stopwatch which will automatically activate when it sees chosen programs being active, and when these programs are not active, stopwatch will stop itself. End product basically will stop me procrastinating. I will add some judging GUI elements to make me continue on...
  5. P

    Job Offer - Artist Looking For Pixel Artist

    Hey guys! I'm looking for one or two talented pixel artists to help me with a few projects! Plenty of work, details will be discussed over email. Looking for art similar to Crawl or Hyperlight drifter. Please email if you're interested at: blakelinnell96 at gmail
  6. dialgpalkia

    Portfolio - Programming [Taken] Programmer looking for Active Project

    Hi there, My name is dialgpalkia and I am a programmer looking to join an active project. I was an active GMC member around 2014, having made many games on my own (sadly none got far due to my lack of artistic prowess), and also being a programmer for a few other games such as Dead Stories...
  7. GapingPixel

    Portfolio - Programming Will program your game for a good price!

    Intro Hey! I'm a game programmer and designer who's really passionate about 2D games, been into game development for 4+ years by now, Computer Science Background as well,and have work for several game projects, including console exporting experience! Objective I'm looking for compelling...
  8. VagrantWhaleGames

    Job Offer - Artist Pixel Artist for scrolling shooter[CLOSED]

    [CLOSED FOR NOW BUT ALWAYS DOWN TO MEET ARTISTS/DEVS IF YOU WANT TO SEND YOUR INFO.] Looking for some retro-ish style art for a small scrolling shooter i'm making similar to snes shoot em ups... This is a fairly small project with basic animations, 3 frames probably and some static...
  9. N

    [SOLVED]Error in "else"

    Hi, I'm using game maker 1.4 32 bit on my computer, and I've run into a problem. I've been trying to follow a tutorial. and as usual; It fails somehow. I'm getting Error in Object objPlayer, Event Step, Action 1 at Line 21, Position 4: Unexpected symbol in expression. when I try...
  10. W

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for Coder to help out with project from scratch.

    Hi, I am looking for a coder/person that knows GMS2 very well. I worked on a game for years and finally had to throw it in the bin for a couple of reasons. And I dont want that to happend again. The main problem was that my sprites and animations was to big when I exported them as PNG. But...
  11. C

    Legacy GM Flooring does not work properly

    I was wondering why flooring does not work with this code: //Step event //Replenish skill bar skill_bar_restore[1] = 0.004; if (skill_bar[1] < 10) then skill_bar[1] += skill_bar_restore[1]; //Draw event if (skill[1] != "empty") then...
  12. L

    Portfolio - Art 2D Game Artist (10$/hour)

    Hello, my name is Andrew Dubrovsky. I'm a professional artist with an experience in gaming art field and I can provide the best-quality service for your creative project. MFA in illustration. I work with: • 2d game art (sprites, assets); • digital illustration; • concept art; • characters...
  13. R

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Looking for a programmer on a platform game

    Hello peeps, I'm looking for a quite experienced programmer to develop a PC platformer game with some quite unique mechanics. I'm also willing to pay for the job or split the revenues from the game. I'm also a programmer and designer but i feel like I need another partner on this so that the...
  14. jswmusic

    Portfolio - Audio Composer looking to collaborate! Very cheap!

    Composer looking for work! Check out my website for snippets of what I can do! Don't hesitate to contact me!
  15. Misu

    Windows Getting buffer_set_surface to work.

    There have been several people who manage to get buffer_set_surface to work but many others could not. I've been doing some research to find out what might be the cause and it could be hardware dependent. I also found a little information that it might be the DirectX version on the computer...
  16. H

    Legacy GM Having issues with this collision code

    Hi! I am having some trouble with my collision code for the enemies in my game. This is the current setup: if (check_collision_obj(vx, vy, obj_wall)) { facing = choose(enum_facing.up, enum_facing.right, enum_facing.left, enum_facing.down); } It basically says that if there is collision...
  17. H

    Sound won't play when entering cave

    Hi! I'm trying to make this specific sound effect play whenever I enter or leave a cave in my game. However, this sound doesn't seem to play at all. I have tried replacing this sound with another sound, but it still doesn't work. Everywhere else in the game (title screen, sound effects when...
  18. L

    Portfolio - Programming [AFFORDABLE] Experienced GML Programmer [8 years]

    Hi, I'm Luis and I'm a Computer Science student. I've been programming using GML since 2009. I do my services through Fiverr. However, if you would prefer to not use the platform, just let me know. The link to my Fiverr page is...
  19. M

    Team Request Artwork and sound

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help me with the artwork and sound for my current project - Drone Force! The game is a work in progress, hence the request, but you can get a better idea of the concept and a general idea of the mechanics from checking out my page here and...