1. G

    GML Pixelated Text

    I am having a problem with the text coming out weird and pixelated. I dont know what to do to fix it. I have read some stuff on scaling but I dont know how to do that. If you dont know what I am talking about here is a picture It looks wrong to me
  2. Mert

    Android Wordchain

    Hi, English teacher here. We've just made an app and released it on Google Play. This is basically the game we used to play. You get a random letter and create a new word with it. Then, you get another random letter from the word you've typed and create a new word... and the word chain goes on...
  3. Cantavanda

    Forum Game invent a word and gues meaning game

    hello. in this forum game you make up a word and guess or make up the meaning of the word from the poster above. example: roytheshort: vashnove misu: i think that word sounds a kind of fruit. ochnavoklyeditka matharoo: that sounds like a place name in russia. varblars and so on the word...
  4. Appsurd

    Legacy GM Loading and searching in a 100k word list

    Hi guys, Before I forget, I use GMS1.4. For a couple of days I'm struggling with the following situation. I want to create a game like Wordfeud or Ruzzle where players can select or enter certain letters and I want to check whether the word they used is a valid word. Therefore I found online a...
  5. G

    Free [Android] Wordtour, competitive word puzzle game

    Hello game maker community, old accounts have been wiped? Anyway, I made a new one and we return with a new mobile game done with game maker studio. Now Wordtour available in English! What? Wordtour is a mix of wordgames and bejeweled blitz arcade-ish games. In the game you must find words in...
  6. MrBakels

    Free RingoWord (iOS & Android)

    RingoWord - Fresh word game with unique gameplay. (Genre: Word, Casual) "I feel that RingoWord is a very good game and it does a stellar job at what it wants to accomplish." - AppGames.net RingoWord is addictive and exciting word game where players' task is to quickly figure out where the word...
  7. T

    Forum Game Word by word story

    Let's write a story together! This easy-to-play game will turn out as a fight between serious people and semi-trolls, but it'll be fun. Every next post must add only a word. Rules: 1) Copy-paste the previous post and add a word. 2) No double posting. 3) You can change the last word you added...
  8. J

    Select Random Word From String (SOLVED)

    Hello folks. I'm trying to have a variable select a random word from another variable; in essence it is a random word generator. For example... I want variable "RandomWord" to select a random word from variable "WordBank" and assign it to itself. WordBank consists of the String "wood tree...
  9. Dragon47

    Asset - Scripts GML Regular Expressions (free)

    Download demo: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f2yknhxm7049xbt/GML+Regular+Expressions.exe With this asset you can create and compile regular expressions to nondeterministic finite state automata and check if strings match them. It's all written in GML, so it's easy to export to multiple...