1. S_Kleer

    Windows Wolf Tower [72h Pre Made Jam]

    This game was made specifically for 72h jam "Pre Made Jam" and gain 1st place. (This is not a very big game, which takes 5-10 minutes to complete.) Description: Wolf Tower it is platformer game, where wolf must save a foxy! Every level height of tower will growth and appear new enemies...
  2. MMM

    Released Code: Evolved and White Wolf Collection

    Code: Evolved - White Wolf 2 game is finally out! You can check it out on https://mmm.itch.io/white-wolf-2 The story revolves around experiment performed on animals with crystallized life energy. Crystals can cause violent evolution, permanent physical pain, and mental instability on every...
  3. MMM

    Released Code: Evolved - White Wolf 2

    A dark sci-fi story about life, evolution, experiments and creatures made of pure life energy. Sequel to White Wolf https://mmm.itch.io/white-wolf DEMO AVAILABLE ON: GameJolt page: http://gamejolt.com/games/code-evolved-white-wolf-2/186763 Itch.io page: https://mmm.itch.io/white-wolf-2...