1. jb skaggs

    TikiTemptations- a cafe game

    Hi this is a concept level game, it has the art created by my 12 year old daughter- so visually pretty rough. You make drinks for customers according to the order ticket, place the order in front of customer and either get refused or a tip and next customer shows. Pretty simple. Just one...
  2. flyinian

    Windows Flyinian's Top Down Shooter(AV8.4.21.0)

    Current Version: Find out more here: Itch.io
  3. Deadly Serious Media

     My Eyes

    So I'm doing so work to flesh out My Eyes from the recent game jam. Added a couple shaders and programmed in game lip syncing. Well, I've got all the mouth shapes in spine blending in game so now the head can talk once I record the dialog and make a dope sheet for timing. So, you made a hasty...
  4. Ches Rowe

    Augury - Procedurally generated open world RTS game

    Augury is a procedurally generated open world RTS game that me and my friend have been working on for a few years now off and on. We make up what we call Cataclysmic Studios. I wanted to start a development thread with the start of our YouTube devlog series, and a looming closed pre-alpha. I...
  5. Tonydaderp

     --------2D PLATFORMER [Working Title] Project Sayf--------

    I hope you're all having a great day. I'd just like to introduce to you a little something I've been working on in GMS: 1.4 (on and off) for about 3 months. I plan for it to be like a classic Mega-Man game, with tight platforming, various weapons (that will be manifested in the cannon having...
  6. badwrong

    Run Jump Rabbit Turtle [WIP]

    Edit: Finished the first trailer for the game: I'm nearing completion of my first game, "Run Jump Rabbit Turtle". Its a challenging platformer with a shapeshifting mechanic. Here is a quick gameplay clip, working on a real trailer soon!
  7. Guitarmike

    Jooboo and the Clan of the Jade Katana

    Playable demo now available! Hi, I'm working on my second game created with Gamemaker entitled "Jooboo and the Clan of the Jade Katana." It's a platformer that features a circus clown who is trying to save his friends who have been kidnapped by an evil band of ninjas. Humor will figure...
  8. Bokkie2988

     A Space Shooter

    A Space Shooter - A.S.S Earth is attacked by hostile aliens. It's your job to defend earth and save humanity! Shoot, kill, explode and fly your way through tons and tons of enemies! Go left with A, go right with D. -Things To Add: -powerups -soundeffects, background music -screenshakes -boss...
  9. R

     Fat Ninja: WIP Thread

    Fat Ninja is a platformer 2D game with many features that make it more expansive than the typical platformer, as it has inverted views, RPG features and is far more detailed than your typical old-school platformer, and for a start has a invert view feature (press down, right & left). The player...
  10. Smiechu

     Old-school racing (WIP)

    Hehe! Yeah, I know it's nothing special, but I've wanted to prove myself a little bit, learn new things, get out of the box, have fun, take a break from my main project. I've managed to establish an old-school style racing engine with random - procedural generated tracks :D Car behavior...
  11. Dreadusa

    Windows Bullet Inferno Demo

    Bullet Inferno is a game where a small, relatively pathetic spaceship takes on eight different bosses that are much more capable to defeat an evil doctor! BIG OL' UPDATE!!!! You can now play with the WASD keys and the SPACE bar to defeat the first boss! You can also tweak how loud/quiet the...
  12. zendraw

     [DEMO] Frontline

    >FRONTLINE< [DEMO] Hello everyone. This is my new game that ive worked on in the past few months, or atleast the demo of it. I hope you like it and send me some feedback to impruve it before the final touch and release. What is it about? Frontline is an arcade space shooter with an extra...
  13. crisiworks

     Spirit of the Wind - Adventure Combat Platformer

    Tiny Adventure is an Adventure Platformer containing a mix of fighting and platforming. Download link: https://evilartbunny.itch.io/spirit-of-the-wind-wip-title I only have a test level up as I would like feedback to continue iterating the game. Things I would like feedback on: (a) How do you...
  14. C

    Neighborhood Mafia [WIP]

    Hello, I'm developing a Top Shooter game titled Neighborhood Mafia with various characters fighting to the death for a prize. The game is being made with ZBG'S Top Shooter Engine. Hope y'all enjoy and I'll post more updates soon! :)
  15. Deadly Serious Media

     ZOMG! [WIP]

    Hey Everyone! Almost 10 years ago I had a game idea but it never really came together. Then I met my dev partner and we started working together. He attempted to build it in other engines but it never felt right. We abandoned it and my partner moved on to learning Unreal for 3D games and I...
  16. Surgeon_

    Windows Reggie Burning (sidescroller action RPG)

    Introduction: Some of you may know that I've been around this forum, on and off, for quite a few years by now, but apart from one jam entry, I've never had any worthwhile creations to show, at least in terms of games... Until now. The game I'm presenting here has been in development since 2015...
  17. HayManMarc

    HayMan's UFO game

    Hello GMCer's! So, I decided to bite the bullet and make a WIP post for this thing I'm working on. The current working title for it is... Zorxian Pets ...but I'm not sure if that will remain its title. It's an arcade-ish, 2D, sideview, alien abduction game where you play the alien in your...
  18. newtinn

    Job Offer - Audio Chiptune Artist

    Hi I am looking for a chiptune artist for my upcoming game Froghosts, I would like to have a few tracks like a menu screen and around 3-5 boss room tracks. I would like a chiptune artist that is willing to work for free, but however on Froghosts release you will get a free version of it and a...
  19. G

     Jellor (Platformer)

    Hey! Jellor is a level-by-level collectathon platformer with simple controls with at times difficult platforming. Each level is non-linear with branching paths and secrets to find. You play as Jellor, a peculiar cube of jelly who is simply trying to find out why there is no other being quite...
  20. RefresherTowel

    Windows Bobblenauts (local multiplayer deathmatch game great for quarantine)

    Stuck inside with family because of corona? Well here's a demo of my local multiplayer (up to 4 players) little deathmatch game. It's kind of like a mash-up between Duck Game and Divekick. Try to headshot your opponent while avoiding their attempts to headshot you. The more shots you miss, the...