1. J

    SOLVED Startup problem - GMS2 crashes when I open

    When I open GMS2, it starts up in a white screen, and it's looks that is loading (because my mouse transforms in the loading icon) but some seconds after the GMS2 have opened, it crashes, what I have to do? (Sorry for my bad english, I am from another country)
  2. CTSchmidlak

    Windows Runtime issue? Can't build using Runtime; Windows Defender detects virus

    Hello all. First of all, a quick disclaimer that this issue is very much over my head, so apologies if my description of this issue comes off ignorant in any way. I just got done working through the "Little Town" tutorial, and full of pride and excitement decided to go ahead and export a .zip...
  3. A

    Windows/Android grid creation problem

    Hi I am gonna trying making a simple grid on my 2560 x 1600 screen using this draw_gui command var w = 1; draw_set_color(c_orange) for (var i = 0; i < room_height; i += 64) { draw_line_width(0,i,room_width,i,w); } for (var i = 100; i < room_width; i += 64) {...
  4. KironDevCoder

    SOLVED DLL throws 0xc000012f at me.

    I'm working on a custom opensource modding language called Axocudo. The DLL works perfectly fine in the unit test (in the source code referred to as Sandbox), but throws three of these 0xc000012f errors at me (probably because I'm calling 3 of the functions.) Why is this happening? I'm using...
  5. M

    Android Need Help With Setting Up Android

    Hey everyone. I've made a previous post about this but the issue has not been solved yet, and it's been about a week. I've been trying to set up Android as seen in this blog below: But I always get...
  6. M

    Android Need Help Setting Up Android

    Hey everyone. I've been trying to set up Android as seen in this blog below: But I always get "build failed" every time I try to build. All the SDK/NDK/JRE links are green and "found". I also...
  7. coldraw

    Windows Simple platformer in space

    Name: A simple platformer in space Genre: Platformer Sound: Made in GMS2 Download link Controls: Keyboard: arrows - move left, right, crouch z - jump x - use, must be pressed or continuously pressed enter - in-game menu. Gamepad: (in brackets for X-box) left stick - move left...
  8. GameDevDan

    Free Non-Stop Space Probe 🚀 - Amaze Me Game Jam Entry

    Take control of the Orblr-1 Space Probe and blast chaotically through the cosmos on your mission to collect precious minerals. Fly through 40 levels avoiding dangerous space debris and collect the gems before heading to the goal. There's just one problem... once you've started you can't stop...
  9. John Bailey

    Steam Deep Rune [Puzzle/RPG]

    Screenshots: Deep Rune is a side-scrolling adventure game that seamlessly blends RPG mechanics and puzzle solving, all set in a mysterious world rooted in Norse mythology. Delve into the depths of an ancient underground ruin in search of the Deep Rune, a long-lost relic that is said to grant...
  10. A

    Windows DODGE - submission to ScoreSpace Jam #13

    Introduction: This was my first Game Jam ever and I did really enjoy it. Sadly, I had bad priorities, kept adding new stuff before I had everything done, that is why this game has several flaws. I am planning on re-publishing this game, fixing these issues and adjusting some game mechanics in...
  11. B

    GMS 2 Memory Allocation Crash on near-finished project (Memory allocation failed: Attempting to allocate 67108864 bytes)

    Hey there! This is my first post on the forums so excuse me if anything in here breaks protocol. I've been working on a rather large project for about 2 and a half years now, and in the past few weeks as we've hit the end of adding assets, people have started reporting this crash: ___...
  12. M

    GMS 2.3+ Windows Defender detect my game as virus

    Windows Defender detect my game as virus and delete it I tried to export my game both as zip and as exe but a few seconds later windows defender automaticly deletes it. This game is for a game jam and it deadline is 1 day later I use the lastest Game maker studio 2 version Please help
  13. B

    SOLVED Running the game is blocking my keyboard on Windows

    Hello everyone, I am having a weird behavior with my Game Maker install (v2.3.2.560) When I hit "Run" (IDE button or keyboard shortcut), after closing the game window, my keyboard is acting weirdly : - pressing escape opens Windows task manager - writing in IDE does not work anymore - clicking...
  14. 1MTeddy

    Features on MacOS

    Hello, I've bought GameMaker Studio 2 recently and I wanted to create dynamic water on my MacBook, but water is not displayed at all. So I've bought a Foxey Platform Engine on the Marketplace and I can now confirm that with the same code and newest GameMaker version it's working properly on...
  15. Seabass (The Human)

    Bring Me Hope - A game about passion, love, and loss

    Join our Discord server or follow us on Twitter for updates! Discord Steam Twitter Bring Me Hope is an adventure RPG with roguelike inspirations, drawing from other indie titles such as Risk of Rain and Enter The Gungeon. This is a story rich role playing experience with a nontraditional...
  16. F

    Custom Cursor Blink Bug

    Hi there! I was playing my game when I found a very strange bug with the cursor. I have set a custom cursor and a fullscreen option (if you press "F" the game sets to fullscreen if it is on windowed mode and vice-versa). Also, I have set an auto-pause function that pauses the game when it's...
  17. S

    GMS 2 Building to mac, getting old version

    Hi all, I'm making a game in the windows IDE. I'm trying to build it to mac using a mac computer in my house, but whenever I produce a .exe and transfer it over to the mac, It ends up being the wrong version of the game. It's missing many of the features of the current version, doesn't work with...
  18. DaveInDev

    Demo Space Numbers

    Hi there, I just published a "Space Numbers", my first game under GSM2. Space Numbers is a puzzle game about mental calculations, but in a deep space scifi environment, to add some fun and complexity. It will challenge your brain ! At low levels, it is suitable for young players to learn and...
  19. angelwire

    Windows Store streamed audio files in different location for ZIP build

    I'm building a game for Windows and I'm using "Compressed - Streamed" audio files. They're working great, but when I build the project, all the audio files are saved in the same folder as the .exe file. It's really ugly to have so many .ogg files and it makes it hard to find the executable. Is...
  20. Leif

    Question - IDE Automatically increase build version

    Good day Help please. Are there any ways to automatically increase build version with every next build ? It's about information contained in GM_version string. Target platform - Android. Thanks im advance :)