1. Seabass (The Human)

    Bring Me Hope - A game about passion, love, and loss

    Join our Discord server or follow me on Twitter for updates! We plan on launching a Kickstarter in just a few weeks! Discord Twitter Obligatory Splash Art Alive, Again It's different this time but what has changed? It feels as though you've seen so much but have experienced so little...
  2. F

    Custom Cursor Blink Bug

    Hi there! I was playing my game when I found a very strange bug with the cursor. I have set a custom cursor and a fullscreen option (if you press "F" the game sets to fullscreen if it is on windowed mode and vice-versa). Also, I have set an auto-pause function that pauses the game when it's...
  3. S

    GMS 2 Building to mac, getting old version

    Hi all, I'm making a game in the windows IDE. I'm trying to build it to mac using a mac computer in my house, but whenever I produce a .exe and transfer it over to the mac, It ends up being the wrong version of the game. It's missing many of the features of the current version, doesn't work with...
  4. DaveInDev

    Demo Space Numbers

    Hi there, I just published a "Space Numbers", my first game under GSM2. Space Numbers is a puzzle game about mental calculations, but in a deep space scifi environment, to add some fun and complexity. It will challenge your brain ! At low levels, it is suitable for young players to learn and...
  5. angelwire

    Windows Store streamed audio files in different location for ZIP build

    I'm building a game for Windows and I'm using "Compressed - Streamed" audio files. They're working great, but when I build the project, all the audio files are saved in the same folder as the .exe file. It's really ugly to have so many .ogg files and it makes it hard to find the executable. Is...
  6. Leif

    Question - IDE Automatically increase build version

    Good day Help please. Are there any ways to automatically increase build version with every next build ? It's about information contained in GM_version string. Target platform - Android. Thanks im advance :)
  7. S

    Developing on windows, exporting to Mac

    I'm making a game on a windows machine, but I'd like to export to Mac. I have a license that should allow me to do so, but when I export on my machine it automatically makes it a windows-only version. I tried installing GMS2 on the Mac I have access to, moving the project to that computer, and...
  8. J

    Windows url_open messes up window resolution

    Hi This is my first post in the GMS2 forums and even though I went through forum guidelines and links for new members I'm sorry if there's any formatting issues. I've been using GMS2 for nearly 6 months and never ran into a problem which I couldn't solve by myself by using google search (which...
  9. P

    HTTP functions fail with HTTP Status 0 on Linux builds, but not Windows when requesting HTTPS

    Hello everyone! I am creating a program which communicates to a server that I set up with an SSL certificate from the CA Namecheap. I am using the function call http_get("") to check if the website is reachable. On Windows 10 this returns the ds_map values of: status...
  10. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ window_set_showborder() alternatives???

    Unfortunately this function has been obsolete for a long time, but does it exist or does anyone know of a DLL maybe that can do that? If this solution is not possible, how would I go about maximizing the window size to fit the screen and not cover the taskbar? I don't want to use it in full...
  11. Finbox Entertainment

    Shaders [SOLVED] Shader uniform not passing the values to the shader on Android device

    Hello, I have the following code on my main object which draws the sprites. ####################### DRAW EVENT OF MAIN OBJECT ######################### shader_set(shd_colorchange); shader_set_uniform_f(shader_get_uniform(shd_colorchange, "u_v4_wantedColor"), 1.0, 0.0, 1.0)...
  12. FoxyOfJungle

    Windows GMS 2.3 Crashed the Video Card unexpectedly!

    I was using the Game Maker Studio 2.3 normally and I went to minimize and out of nowhere there was a memory lake on the video card that made the video card stop working and then go back, after that GMS 2.3 started to suck all RAM and use the disc and then stopped, I had to close forced and I...
  13. U

    GMS 2.3+ Project Unable to Draw Any Sprites

    Hey, I was having issues with my tileset not drawing, so I cleaned the project. The next time I ran it I was met with a bunch of 'Failed to load image' / 'could not open file' errors. The project no longer draws any sprites (even new ones). I've checked in the .yyp and all of the paths are...
  14. Mehdi

    GMS 2.3+ Game Maker Studio 2.3 so slow to compile on windows 10

    Hi everyone I've recently switched to windows 10. Surprisingly when I compile my project it takes at least 30 seconds to compile and it's so frustrating. It used to be only 10 seconds before (when i worked with windows 7) Can anyone help?
  15. Liquid

    'Simple move' - puzzle game of simple concepts

    any click will make the colourfull squares move the square will move horizontally XOR vertically (depends on distance to mouse position) place the squares onto their coresponding cirlce Video Play it here
  16. John Bailey

    Released Holy Field [Action/RPG]

    Screenshots: Holy Field is an open-ended dungeon crawler RPG inspired by King's Field (From Software!). Explore a forsaken world while collecting various equipment & magic to battle terrifying undead creatures, all rendered in glorious low-res pixel art! Created for the 2020 LOWREZJAM. Peace...
  17. bhughey2424

    Exporting for iOS: "Need to Set Up the Key"

    I'm trying to export an application I built on windows to xCode on my mac for testing on my iPad. This is showing up in the output before I get the "FAILED: Run Program Complete" line. Can someone explain how to fix this? To clarify, the mac and pc are connected just fine. I can see target the...
  18. DarthTenebris

    GMS 2 Supporting Custom Resolution and Aspect Ratio

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make a multiplatform game, but it just occured to me that Android phones are no longer simply rotated desktop screens. Various resolutions and aspect ratio exist outside of the standard 16:9 desktop. Are there any tutorials that teach how to support all these...
  19. Apapappa

     Y.A.W - You Are Weaponized (LOWREZJAM 2020)

    DOWNLOAD ( Info: Made in 77 hours and 49minutes for LOWREZJAM 2020. The game is limited to a resolution of 64x64 as per the rules. There was no theme but I went with some of the suggested ones like: You Are The Weapon - "professional" gun user...
  20. MartinK12

    GML Problem with fullscreen and display_gui_height on multi monitor setup - Windows. Need some pointers.

    Game base resolution is 1920 x 1080. I have main monitor res 1920x1200 and secondary monitors res 1920x1080. Height between those (1200 to 1080 = difference 120px) create problem with fullscreen So it’s about display_gui_height which works fine when game is inside window on any monitor, I can...