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  1. RizbIT

    audio recording crash on windows phone 8

    Trying to port a game from android to windows phone and UWP... I want to record audio from the game using phone mic and then save as audio file on users device: On android it works on Windows Phone it crashes the app (note on Android im using third party extension not built in functions)...
  2. M

    [Solved] Windows Phone 8.x export

    1.4.1788 apparently removed support for wp8.x export .. I wanted to make one more release of my game on wp 8.x platform before letting it rot, so if I somehow managed to downgrade my gms to 1.4.1773, would the export work? Or was it broken already in 1.4.1773 and it was just removed in 1788?
  3. Still57

    Free Modern Solitaire - iOS, Android, WP

    Title: Modern Solitaire Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone I was working on this game on and off for a couple of months (3 - 4 maybe) and finally finished it. I just wanted to make solitaire I don't know why. It still needs some extra features, but it looks good for now. I really don't...
  4. Still57

    Free Minesweeper in GameMaker for mobile

    Title: Minesweeper Classic: Retro Platforms: iOS, Android Description: Play Minesweeper with its all retro classic graphics! Customize your game with tons of settings and make the game your own. Earn coins and unlock gorgeous themes. Get lost in the world of classic minesweeper! Features: •...
  5. A

    Multi Touch does not work in my html5 game on windows phone

    I tried several ways to create the multitouch buttons to work on windows phone, but without success. Pressing a single dot on the screen works, two do not work. On android works normally. Has anyone tested their html5 games online on windows phone and noticed this problem?
  6. jujubs

    Windows Phone 8 License?

    Hello, everyone.I recently acquired the Humble Bundle... bundle... and well, it came with Android and iOS mobile licenses, along with UWP and a few others, but no Windows Phone 8. I can see it on the menu, but when I select it, GMS gives me the option to buy it, but pointing at the licenses...
  7. Still57

    Free Pineflapple - Online Multiplayer (iOS,Android,WP)

    Title: Pineflapple Links: iOS, Android, Windows Phone Enjoy Real-Time Cross-Platform Online Multiplayer with Pineflapple! Flap your way through an endless adventure with 5 different fruity characters. Engage yourself in online multiplayer gameplay and race against your friends and opponents...
  8. RizbIT

    IAP with Windows Phone..

    Does IAP work with Windows Phone? I bought EasyIAP extension from the marketplace and used it, it seems to work fine with Android but with Windows Phone when i press the buy buttons nothing happens. I created the "Add ons" in Windows Developer account (it seems more long winded than on Play...
  9. F

    Facebook login pop up blocked by Microsoft mobile Browsers

    Hi i'm making a game that need Facebook credentials to login , following the tutorials i'm able to login in android, html5 (android phones and desktop) but not in Windows Phone 8 and 10, using IE or EDGE. Searching on the net for solutions, i discovered that browsers have a popup blocker and it...
  10. S

    Released Sticker Craft

    Hi, I'd like to show you my latest Game Maker game. Sticker Craft - game about combining stickers and collecting them. Combine stickers "Water" and "Lake" and get "Sea" sticker. Combine "Sea" to get "Ocean". Continue those logical sequences to discover all 210+ stickers. Most of...
  11. RizbIT

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for extensions for Windows Phone

    Hi Im paying for extensions for Windows Phone. Need: Select photo from phone gallery, get path so can load it in as sprite/background take photo using camera make a phone call send a SMS select a phone contact
  12. J

    Help AdMob extension for windows phone

    Hello guys, I think there is a real need for an AdMob extension for windows phone. I would like to create one, but I am not a really advanced programmer. Would anyone be willing to help in pointing me to the right direction. Appreciate it :)
  13. J


    Do I need to have a windows phone to develop apps for windows mobile?
  14. Still57

    Legacy GM In-App Purchases (Consumable) for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

    GM Version: GM Studio 1.4.1629 Target Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone Download: Link Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial shows you how to integrate in-app purchases in your game in order to sell consumable products. Tutorial: This guide contains instructions on how to set up in-app...
  15. Still57

    Free Snake Game - Eat & Grow

    Hey everyone! I re-made the classic snake game with Game Maker: Studio. I was making it just for fun and giggles at first but then I thought I should publish it. I'm open to any criticism and suggestions. Thanks! Name: Snake Game - Eat & Grow Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone Status...
  16. Still57

    AdMob for Windows Phone

    Yes, it is time: We need an AdMob extension for Windows Phone. Hello everyone! I've been using Game Maker: Studio for almost a year now and I must say that I love it mostly because it is really easy to use (and because Shaun Spalding is great at making tutorials). Of course it has some...
  17. Underground

    Free Mine Rails Rush

    Guide the carts that come from the mine, across the railroad, make all the rail changes to safely take the minerals to their respective factories. Tap on the rail crossings to change the carts direction, be quick, the carts will increase its number and speed along the game play... Easy to play...
  18. GameDevDan

    Free Gyro Boss

    Gyro Boss webpage Information Released: March 14th, 2016 Genre: Endless Shooter Age Rating: 7+ The Gyro Boss has entered the solar system and is minutes from destroying your home world. The last hope of your people, you set out in your space ship to defeat the all powerful alien species...