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  1. Ness Lutick

    Legacy GM GMS1.4 successfully acquires my license, but it doesn't work correctly.

    Basically, I logged in with my email and password, it acquired my license and prompted me to restart. I did so, and it reverted back to the login screen. I'm using Windows 7, and I was able to log in to the YoYo Games website from my browser. However, logging in through the client does not...
  2. P

    Windows White flashes in runner

    Hello everyone, I'm currently setting up GMS2 on someone's computer so we can work together on the project I'm working on, and I've noticed every time we launch the game runner, there are white flashes happening in-game every few seconds. This does not happen on my computer and happens no...
  3. C

    Windows Cannot compile on Windows

    This is a problem I had last year, but which I managed to solve by going to an older runtime which I can't download anymore meaning that I cannot compile any game at all using GMS2 now. I am on Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1. While on the latest version, IDE v2.2.1.375 and Runtime...
  4. A

    Asset - Extension Borderless Windows DLL for Gamemaker Studio 1 & 2

    Hi everyone, Just published a new asset on the marketplace that enables borderless window mode for both GM:S 1 and 2 Windows targets. Getting it to work in GM:S 1.4.1772 was challenging to say the least, but I got it done and decided to ensure it was cross compatible. Saw the other GM:S 2...
  5. T


    Hello, guys! Im beginner at GMS. What i can do, if GMS can't see PNG sprites in my folder?
  6. B

    Demo Not just games: Windows SideBar

    Hi guys, i've made a non-game program for windows, it's a auto-hiding and good looking sidebar. I've made it as customizable as i could. While making it my main focus was on optimization, so it's really performance-saving. Definitive version will be compiled with YYC. For more infos check my...
  7. S

    HTML5 Game compiles for html5 but doesn't start

    I'm quite new to this community and gamemaker itself but I've noticed something weird. The game compiles perfectly on windows and it also worked without problems for html but today I made some progress on the game, tweaked some things and again it compiles perfectly on Windows target. When I'm...
  8. R

    "Ensure Windows8 SKD settings are all set OK"

    So basically, I recently got Game Maker Studio Pro from the Humble Bundle thing going on, I used to use Game Maker 7 and 8 way back, but when this new one booted up, I immediately started looking around and found the tutorials. I tried to run one and got this message when I tried to run the...
  9. M

    Windows Text keeps piling up on top of itself when I exit and enter a room repeatedly.

    A set of textures and some text underneath them is drawn whenever I enter a room. This worked without a hitch when I was drawing to the application surface, but in this case I'm drawing the surfaces as well, and now the text, which is randomized every time the room is entered, piles up on top of...