windows 10

  1. Zuurix

    SOLVED YYC - Attempting to run the game deletes Visual Studio batch file

    Hey all, Attempting to run the game with YYC fails with this in the Output: At the same time as the message pops-up, that required batch file (vcvars32.bat) disappears. If I try to run the game again, I get this: Which makes sense because batch file does not exist anymore. I tried...
  2. B

    Windows Sprite Color Issue

    Hi ! My problem seems to be in link with Windows 10 but I don't know, when I draw a sprite (re-imported most of the time), the real sprite color seems to be replaced by a strange blue, I removed everything in the room except an empty object with a color gradient sprite and it's doing the same...
  3. A

    Windows Windows pop-ups after pressing RUN [SOLVED]

    This is very sily post (as it should be, it's my first ^_^), anyway: any time I try to run my game, by pressing run button or F5 windows shows this pop-up on the right of the screen: It's in polish, don't bother translate it. In my system options, all notifications are turned off, yet only...
  4. A

    Windows Help with fullscreen stuff!

    Hi! I'm making my first game ever and it will be shown at an art exhibition, here in Finland. Is there anyway to make sure, that player can't leave the game when it's in fullscreen (the game will be played on windows 10) I was wondering that can I disable windows own shortcuts, like alt + f4...
  5. W

    Windows [RESOLVED] "Made with GameMaker Studio 2" splash screen won't go away while testing

    Howdy. I have a big issue that involves the "Made with GameMaker Studio 2" splash screen. Every time I try to test my project, the screen won't go away. In fact, there is nothing there to be tested! I can't do anything at all except stare at the stupid screen. I ran it in debug mode and the...
  6. Etendo

    Question - Code Trouble with multiplayer controls

    Hey there, so I started this simple block game in GM2 and added lan to it. All that fully works, creating a server, connecting, ect, but I cannot figure out the controls for the other computer. The game uses the mouse, and it makes it the first player on both computers. Is there any way to...
  7. L

    UWP GMS2 UWP Games and Apps on Windows 10 IOT Core ?

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has tried developing and testing some GMS2 UWP Games and Apps on Windows 10 IOT Core ? If yes, do they work nice and smooth ? Do the extensions and touch / gesture functions work properly as intended ? I'm planing to create an retro arcade-like kiosk for...
  8. F

    Legacy GM Movement while in textbox bug.

    Okay so there is a variable that controls when the player can move, but I also have four other variables that control it, is there a way to make them not conflict each other? I can provide code if needed.
  9. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Making a object "instance" made out of multiple instances

    I know the title seems wack as hecc, but I will explain what I am looking for now, as the I can't do that in one sentence. So, take the flash game "Galaxy Siege 3" as my example LINK: The ship you control in this game is made out of separate blocks...
  10. R

    Windows Can't create the executable for my game

    When I try to create the executable of my game, the following error appears: I have the platform configurated for windows: I have my .bat file with the right path: Here it is: What could be wrong?? I have done everything I know to try and fix this but to no avail.
  11. MrOut

    Discussion Using 8 Xbox One controllers simultaneously?

    Hello there, I'm looking for some technical stuff with regard to Xinput controllers, Game Maker and Windows 10. I know from fact that Windows 10 can recognise a maximum of 8 XInput controllers connected simultaneously and I know Game Maker reserve the first 4 gamepad slots to Xinput...
  12. P

    Windows My project won't open on a certain computer

    I have 2 computers that I use, both are windows 10. When I put the game folder on a flash drive and move it from computer A to computer B, it works fine and I can open the file. When I go from B to A, the file doesn't open. I don't get any error messages, it just stays on the welcome page. I can...
  13. A

    Save the Oceans - a fun blaster for PC and Mac - now with added source code!

    Hi there GameMakers, I would be very grateful if you could check out my very first game, Save the Oceans! Currently in Beta, it's available to download free for Windows and Mac at : Story. With the world gone to pot, and nobody giving a hoot about...
  14. F

    Windows Cant figure out GOTO/NEXT transitions (GML)

    Recently I've been working on a top down game and ive moved into working on screen transitions for my main way of moving between areas. I have figured a few parts out with the help of some YouTube videos and understand decent amounts of coding and have been using an enum with constants of an...
  15. Tony Brice

    Released Bah, Humbug!

    Hi everyone, I've finished my latest competition game which was a Xmas themed adventure game. It was developed with GMS 2 and completed in seven weeks. It's the day after your school Xmas party and your parents are away for the weekend. It's a great...
  16. L

    GMS 2 collision acting funny

    GM2 Windows 10 within obj_player step event solid off physics off no collision event total newbie I'm playing with collisions for a top down tank game and came up with this bit of code. It draws a box with hit lines and feelers in the corners. I'm wondering why it works on the right side but...
  17. T

    Windows Gamemaker Studio 2 won't open

    Hello. I need help. GMS 2 hasn't been opening since yesterday, I also have the Mobile version and it doesn't work too. GMS 2 is the only app that doesn't open. I'm running Windows 10 on Version 1803 for 64 bit Based Systems. Windows Event Viewer Says this each time I try to execute the...
  18. R

    Windows Studio 2- "Building... " Takes Forever

    I downloaded Game Maker Studio 2 recently. Games I try to run never make it past the "Building... " counter. The game I am trying to run now is an empty object with a sprite in an empty room. I have tried many times and have waited for two hours before, the counter just keeps going. I also...
  19. matharoo

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] GMS2 IDE became blurry

    SOLVED I'm stupid. I enabled both the blurry option and FXAA at the same time, and forgot about the latter. Just opened the graphics settings and realized that I had FXAA on. Turned it off and now it's back to normal. Original post: I enabled this option for some other app: After that...
  20. M

    Windows Gamemaker 2 stops responding at random

    gamemaker 2 keeps randomly crashing, though it starts to respond after a short-ish wait. how do i fix this?