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windows 10 mobile

  1. Still57

    Released Diver Bird - My first game with GameMaker

    This was my first game in GameMaker that I made to 2 years ago Title: Diver Bird - Flap Those Wings Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone Description Dive through all the big scary red birds to get to candies and gems. Remember: You move faster while diving than flying upwards. Compete...
  2. Meester Dennis

    Show adds on UWP (Windows 10 mobile)

    Dear people, I'm Dennis and I have some little educative applications for the Netherlands. My applicaties have banner adverstising on Android en Apple. Last week I released my applications on UWP (Windows 10 mobile). I want to create some Banners on this devices. But I cant find any tutorial...
  3. Samuel Venable

    Discussion Since the release of GMS2, a sudden change of plans...

    Aside from the 1.x GameMaker: Player needing to ultimately die in the near future, (and the YYG staff seeming to avoid my thread about that) There is the fact they used to have on this page: http://www.yoyogames.com/get The out-and-out statement that 1.x users will have access to the full UWP...
  4. Z

    UWP Publishing a UWP app to Windows Phone 10 (arm)

    Is there a way I can export my game to Windows Phone 10 (ARM)? I dont own the Windows Phone 8 module and I have to luck creating a Windows 8 app. I thought the Universal Windows App worked on Windows 10, Windows Phone 10 and Xbox One.
  5. Z

    Legacy GM Platform specific stings, code, keys etc

    I have a very odd question. Is it possible to make platform specific code? I am learning GMS and am making a little app but i would want to build for Windows 10, Windows UP, Windows 10 Phone, Android, Linux (i dont own a Mac) And I would want text to be platform specific f.e. Windows, Linux...
  6. G

    Stuff with screens

    2 Short questions about managing the game window: 1 : How do I lock the screen rotation to portrait? 2 : How do I get the screen's resolution and dimensions to adjust views accordingly? Thanks for any help.
  7. S

    Anyone get their W10 UWP app on Windows 10 Mobile?

    I am interested in getting the UWP module so I can start compiling games to my Windows 10 phone. I was wondering if anyone else was able to do this and how smooth the process is. I know that the UWP module is out, but I can't find information on how easy it is to get it to compile to the...