windowed mode

  1. M

    FPS Drop in Fullscreen vs Windowed

    I recently discovered an FPS drop when I run my project in Full Screen. Both Windowed and Full Screen are the same resolution for this test. Full screen = average 200fps (960 x 540) Windowed = average 800fps (960 x 540) I've searched the forums but no luck. Why is there a 600FPS spike? Any...
  2. P

    GMS 2 Which window "style" would be best for this sort of game?

    This is less of a programming question and more of a design question, although it's still something pretty deeply entrenched in the code: the game window. I've been designing the camera system for my game, but to do that, I need to figure out exactly how I want to work the windows in my game...
  3. chaslinux

    Legacy GM Whitescreen, then switch to windowed mode

    My game starts in full screen mode. When the player runs out of lives it seems to switch from full screen to windowed mode. I also think there's some kind of error since I get a white screen for a second before it switches to windowed mode. Death happens when they player collides with another...
  4. ph101

    Delay + white screen when swapping from windowed to full screen

    I've noticed since the latest windows 10 update that when I change from windowed mode to full screen (in game) there is now a short delay where a full-screen-sized white window is visible for maybe 0.5 secs before correctly entering full screen mode. This is in gm 1.4 un so I guess there is...
  5. M

    Windows fullscreen ugly how to solve

    hey guys how can i make that my game looks good in fullscreen when i open it the objects are stretched oder you can see pixels...i have the solution on 1920x1080 is it good so?
  6. H

    Windowed mode and Vsync issues

    Currently when I want to activate or deactivate Vsync with the function display_reset () in windowed mode, the current video game image is frozen but the game is still running. This doesn't happen if I activate Alternative Vsync in windowed mode. I would like to know if anyone else has this...
  7. Nathan Laing

    Windows Window contents go white on drag to offscreen

    Greetings, In windowed mode, a portion of the window contents go white when the window is dragged off screen and back on again. Of course, the window contents are instantly redrawn when one stops dragging. Is there a way to continually draw the window contents while dragging? Note: this is...