1. N

    Buy from steam or website

    So I'm curious what is the difference from the steam version and the version from the website? And where should i buy it?
  2. D

    GM2 getting HTML/HTTP information on a website

    Hello, I am currently working on a game which requires it to know if the stock market is currently open or not, It needs to go to and check if the Exchange is open or closed. Iv seen that this may be possible with http_Get but i have...
  3. inertias

    HTML5 Loot Sweeper - a mix of Dig Dug & Minesweeper

    Hey everyone! Loot Sweeper is a free game I made in a few weeks. I think there are sound issues with certain browsers that I haven't been able to completely fix, but oh well. Your goal is to collect treasure while avoiding enemies and bombs. The red numbers correspond to how many bombs are...
  4. HW.

    Question - Account [SOLVED] very slow, CAN'T SHOP Marketplace either then..(basket)

    This is a feedback from me for YoYo web team especially for the marketplace and account websites. Today i want to do some shoppings on YoYo marketplace but it seems the purchasing basket there wasn't working smoothly and i failed to buy something. I TRIED it multiple times, more than 20x times...
  5. G

    Discussion Share your game website

    Hi! I'm interested to know if people here have a website for their game studio, company, their game, or just a personal website. If you have one, please share it and maybe tell what program/tool you used to make it or if you programmed it by yourself. I can start with my game studio website...
  6. G

    Portfolio - Programming Web Developer - Get Your Website [Available]

    Professional Web Developer With 5 years of experience Developed an eCommerce system that offers flexibility in processing payments, securing files, and making transactions. Flexible and comfortable with programming languages including HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, Javascript, And GML. Portfolio Click...
  7. Tomas Delgado

     I can't log in to my account on website

    I didn't see a better area post this. I can't log in to my account on the website, I requested a password change, received the email like I'm supposed to, changed my password successfully and I still can't log in, it just refreshes the page without any errors but I'm not logged in. someone...
  8. C

    Downloading GMS 2 Applications from the Internet

    Do applications created in GameMaker Studio 2 get detected as "unrecognized apps" by Windows Defender SmartScreen after being downloaded from the Internet? I've been on the fence about upgrading to GMS 2 for a while now, and if I am ever to buy it, I must know that this issue does not exist...
  9. C

    Portfolio - General Logo, Promotional Design & Print / Website Development

    Hello, My name is Craig, and I am looking to offer my freelance services here as I am myself a fellow Game Maker. I run my own business, and looking for customers who are after: Logo Design Business Card Design & Print Leaflet Design & Print Other Promotional Design & Print Website...
  10. D

    Unable to download my .exe game application

    So I just finished creating my game, and I converted it into an application available for download. I made it into both an installer file and a .exe file, just like the Studio provided. However, after I uploaded it to the indie game website, I tried to download it but all I got was a message...
  11. Mike

    OFFICIAL Website Update

    Please be aware we are currently in the process of updating our payment providers, once this has been completed we will have more purchase options available for you to use. This work may take some time to complete.