1. L

    Question - Code HTTP loaded sprites

    Dear community, I've noticed a strange behaviour of web loaded sprites. Tried to google things up but apparently had no luck. First off, when just slightly upscaling (1,1x) image starts to fragmentate and loses quality extremely fast compared to the game included sprites, one can upscale these...
  2. N

    Transferring Project from Desktop to Web Version

    If I purchase the Desktop version of Game Maker Studio 2 now, and later decide to purchase the Web version, will my projects automatically transfer over? If not, how do I transfer them? Thanks much.
  3. J

    GMS website log-in error (HELP)

    I do not see any web problem groups for the forums so I am posting this here. My account I made on the YoYo Games Studio website below is not worrying properly. It keeps telling me. As seen below. "Your account is not activated. Please check your email for the activation steps." But then every...
  4. Erayd

    Android / Amazon Fire Web Server

    In GM1 I was able to run my game for android over the included web server. I now have the android module and the GM2 software and I can run my game while connected over the USB cable, but I highly preferred running my games using my wifi. Is that option still available?
  5. S

    Help with Multiplayer Online Game

    Hello everyone, I need help on how to make an online multiplayer video game. What technology is being used? If I use network_socket_tcp when I convert to HTML5 it works? What should I do to create an online multiplayer game. I do not know where to start.
  6. Benjamin Herne

    GMS 2 Web Browser

    Just wondering if it would be possible to create a web browser by using the http_get_file functions, or would I need to use an extension. What I was thinking was to download the webpage.html CSS PHP file, and open it like a text file. I understand that I would have to write the code for parsing...
  7. D

    HTML5 Download for Desktop or Web?

    Hello, Is it best to install game maker for desktop or web? What are the pros and cons please? Also my brother wants to use it for a game design competition - which version would be able to be submitted or would both work. Thank You :)
  8. zbox

    Asset - Extension WebView - iOS & Android (25% OFF)

    Marketplace: http://bit.ly/2GPhaKy Category: Extensions Price: $49.99 $39.99 for combined modules, $39.99 $29.99 individually. Modules: Android & iOS Description: Now supporting both platforms seamlessly! WebView allows you to place any web content in your Gamemaker Game/Application. It also...
  9. T

    HTML5 Scaling a game on mobile browsers

    Hi, I have read some posts about scaling a game for different resolutions but they don't cover html5 on mobile. Our game is ready and we are polishing some final stuff. Target platform is HTML5 without WebGL and the game and the scaling works well on pc browsers. The problem comes when I open...
  10. ShaunJS

    OFFICIAL Web, UWP, Mobile targets available - Beta Newsletter #4

    (copied from original blog post: https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/408) Hello everybody! This is our 4th newsletter covering all of the ongoing developments surrounding the GameMaker Studio 2 Beta. Mobile, Web and UWP available We're happy to announce that our latest release brings the Mobile...
  11. A

    HTML5 Async multiplayer

    Hi guys, I'm wondering how I would go about creating async multiplayer for HTML5? All I would need is to basically store player variables somewhere, then download them to other users to generate the other player for PVP. Trouble is... I have no idea how to do this. i have gml experience and...
  12. Uhfgood

    Some new questions

    Okay so let's say I have a decent game, and it's ready to go on android and web via html 5. How does the ad stuff work? For instance, my game is a low res scaled up. Will I have to make room for ads or will it just be able to overlay my screen? Also can I serve the same ads on my android...
  13. Posho

    Legacy GM [Solved] Advice with Scrolling Bars?

    Recently I started working on a scrolling bar for a little HTML5 project I'm working on. I made a working scroll bar but I really doubt that's nearly as efficient as it could be. So it works with two objects: the scrollbar itself and the "cam" object that travels across the room and is followed...
  14. Posho

    HTML5 HTML5 and Included Files

    Hello. I've started working on a little project that involves a bunch of included files. The thing works fine when I run the project as a regular Windows EXE, but the included files are not recognized on the HTML5 version, I tried moving the directory in a bunch of different ways. Perhaps it...
  15. camerakid

    HTML5 saving .ini files?

    Hey Everyone, So I have been testing for some time HTML5 and my games seem to be working nicely. But I have problems with the saving system... The standard ini file creating is not working and I have been reading the documentation about file handling but I am not sure if I am doing anything...