1. A

    HTML5 About Saving Data in Html5 Version

    Hi, I am developing a game for pc but i want to make a web version to publish on itch.io but i guess i can't access ini files in web version, how can i solve this issue in web version. Edit: I posted this in the wrong place, please move it to the right place.
  2. S

    HTML5 Problem with exporting

    When looking at the target manager, the platform section's only option is Test. I bought a web license just a few days ago, and I've attached a picture below to show what my problem specifically is. If you know how to fix this, your help will be very much appreciated.
  3. FoxyOfJungle

    HTML5 Is it worth buying the HTML 5 module for web export? 🤔

    I am looking to buy the web export module in order to export a specific game that would be for Android, is it worth it? I know that there are some incompatibility issues on this platform, I would like you who have used it to give me feedback on what problems you had, if was needed to disabled...
  4. C

     Which version should I buy for these platforms?

    Hi! I intend to purchase GameMaker Studio 2 to officially learn game development but I am having a hard time decided which one to get? There are 4 options in "developer" Desktop, Web, UMP and Mobile. I know that UMP and Mobile are not my main interest but I am not sure if I should get Desktop...
  5. X

    HTML5 Gamemaker web doesnt work locally

    If i try build for HTML5 (for which I have a license) using the built in web server i just get a continuous stream of Connecting to Client errors and the web page doesn't load at all If i upload this to my web host it works though, but does anyone know why this doesn't work locally?
  6. Luis Otavio Afonso

    Released Light Speed

    Reach the speed of light to change dimensions, just don't forget the meteors. https://luis-otavio-afonso.itch.io/lightspeed
  7. Mookal

    Free Run, Doodleguy! (My 2020 Coolmath Game Jam Submission)

    Hey! I'm gonna get straight to the point. I'm one of the finalists in the 2020 Coolmath Game Jam! My game's called "Run, Doodleguy!" and it's about a stick figure and a pencil working together to run from the Big Eraser who's erasing the notebook world. You can watch the trailer here... ...
  8. L

    HTML5 Particle systems not working in HTML5

    Hi, My game functions fine when running on desktop, but when I build in HTML5 "part_system_create_layer" and other related functions return undefined. I have a global variable that is assigned like so: global.P_System = part_system_create_layer(layer, true); (copied straight from the gms2...
  9. SnoutUp

     Card Hog - card-based dungeon crawler (out on Steam, Android and iOS)

    Card Hog is a Look, Your Loot! and Dungeon Cards inspired grid crawler with light RPG and deck building elements. Player moves a character card around, picking up weapons, fighting enemies, collecting items and using skills. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1163740/Card_Hog/ Android...
  10. D

    Need Help With HTTP connection to an API

    Hello, Im trying to make a HTTP request to an api and then display the data but im unsure on how to do it with the specific file. Any Ideas? Im trying to get the "Meta Data\6. Time Zone" words as a string from...
  11. D

    GM2 getting HTML/HTTP information on a website

    Hello, I am currently working on a game which requires it to know if the stock market is currently open or not, It needs to go to https://www.stockmarketclock.com/exchanges/nyse/trading-hours and check if the Exchange is open or closed. Iv seen that this may be possible with http_Get but i have...
  12. S

    Upgrade from GMS 2 Desktop to Web

    I will go straight to the point... I had GameMaker Studio 1.4 back with one of the Humble Bundles, and I had gotten the Web module with it. A while after GMS 2 came out, I managed to get myself a copy of the Desktop edition on Steam, but unlike the GMS1.4 modules, it looks like I would have to...
  13. M

    license for web?

    The price for the html or web licence is 150 $ for a year or for ever? Thanks.
  14. leveller

    HTML5 Cannot compile for Internet Explorer or Edge

    Hi guys - hope someone can shed some light on this ... I can compile and run with no issues on my Win 10 desktop machine - using 'default' browser and IE and Edge. I can compile but not run anything on my Win 10 Surface Pro, using 'default' or IE or Edge. I just installed Chrome on the laptop...
  15. S

    HTML5 No sounds at all when exporting to HTML5

    So I just bought the HTML5 license.. ...and OMG my game is so bad. So many bugs ahhhhhhh. First item on the list - no sound, at all. What is going on?
  16. F

    HTML5 Game does not run smoothly in HTML5, any ideas?

    Hey everyone, I've been testing builds for my game to see if I can export it in the Web format and so far I have not encountered any major bugs, I do however notice some sort of a stutter or lag when my objects move across the screen. About 9/10 times when testing it on GameJolt I get this...
  17. A

    html5 game local storage

    Hi, so I have a html5 based game and I need to save information in local storage when someone win the game. The thing is that I have no idea how to do this. I'm using game maker 1.4, please help. Thanks in advance
  18. Caio

    HTML5 Web License Steam not active[Solved]

    I bought the web license in steam, but it is not active, how do I do it now?
  19. leveller

    HTML5 I bought GMS2 Web ... need help

    Hey folks. I just bought GMS2 Web through Steam. My Steam account is linked on my YoYo Games website profile. 1) How do I get GMS2 Web to show up on my purchased products list on my YoYo website profile page? 2) GMS2 Web seems incredibly similar to GMS2 Desktop … does this mean I can just stop...
  20. S

    HTML5 html5 freeze

    HEY! i was having a freeze problem doing html5! when i launched the game it looked like this: the menu worked fine aswell as the cutsceene: So i found out that if i removed the code down below everything worked fine exept for the camera obviously. What could be wrong? it works fine when...