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    HTML5 Posting my games on my own website

    Hi, i bought the WEB edition of GMM2. i would like to buy a domain and hopfully be able to post my games to friends etc, im not trying to become big, just an easy way for my friends to acces my games. i have basicly 0 skils in web development, but is there an easy way to post the games as HTML5...
  2. C

    HTML5 HTML5 for mobile broswers

    Hello, i'm thinking about using Game Maker for a game, but i must be sure that a Web Game made on it works on Mobile browser. I've seen that Unity has that problem, it doesn't work properly. So it's going to work? Thanks in advance.
  3. R

    HTML5 How to save screenshot of HTML5 Canvas?

    Hi :) Recently, I need to make some web apps and games that needs to save an image on device. I'm using GameMaker 1.4 and it's doesn't have a function to do it. So, I'm trying to find "out of box" solutions for this problem (using JavaScript). I used the Canvas2Image library and toDataURL...
  4. D

    HTML5 Progressive web apps

    Hi and thanks for reading. Does anyone know if the new GameMaker 2 html5 has the facility to use web workers, uses local storage etc for PWA's (https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/).
  5. I

    HTML5 Net Heads

    Net Heads Headbutt volleyballs to victory against a zany cast of increasingly adept opponents! Net Heads is a mastery sports game that can be played in browser on any device. You can also play with a friend in our two player mode! Play free on our site - www.iconoven.com Art by Gabriel...
  6. I

    HTML5 Consumption Tax

    Consumption Tax Feed the adorable little money grub so he can grow! Consumption Tax is a short, dark humor clicker. The game can be played in browser on any device! Play it free on our site - www.iconoven.com Art by Gabriel Priske Code by William John Holly Design by both of us
  7. I

    HTML5 Minecart Mayhem

    Minecart Mayhem Quickly build track segments to launch this crazy miner through the sky! Minecart Mayhem is sort of a cross between Line Ridder and Flappy Bird. The game can be played in browser on any device! Play it free on our site - www.iconoven.com Visuals by Gabriel Priske Code by...
  8. camerakid

    HTML5 saving .ini files?

    Hey Everyone, So I have been testing for some time HTML5 and my games seem to be working nicely. But I have problems with the saving system... The standard ini file creating is not working and I have been reading the documentation about file handling but I am not sure if I am doing anything...
  9. camerakid

    HTML5 Kongregate upload

    Hey Everybody, I did not find any forums on Kongregate upload process recently to started a new one following the old thread. I have followed GMS tutorial from here and everything worked. So I have registeded and uploaded everything but for some reason in the preview window I keep on...
  10. camerakid

    HTML5 release options

    Hey Guys, I am rarely using HTML5 modul but today just tried to export my games to HTML5 and most of them works perfectly in a browser.. Fantastic! I was wondering how do you guys usually distribute HTML5 games? On Facebook? Is it worth trying this model or method with games? Do you guys...
  11. O

    HTML5 Light Speed

    Show your skill of spaceship pilot dodging meteors on speed of light The goal is to divert meteors at high speed, trying to reach the speed of light. The player can choose from three spaceships, each has a different speed. The score of the game is similar to Flappy Bird, you play several times...