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    HTML5 Problem with Web Exports and window focus.

    I don't know how to explain it exactly. But I have a problem when I upload my web exports to places like Itch.io What happens is, after the game first loads, sometimes you can't play/control it until after you refresh the page. Also if you click outside the game window, clicking inside the game...
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    Drawing with Web Export

    I am trying to use the draw_rectangle method on the "Draw" event of an object. I can see it draw with the Test platform, but when exporting to web, the stuff drawn with draw_rectangle does not appear in the browser. I do not see this as a limitation spelled out in the HTML5 issues page so I...
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    iOS Different licenses == same GMS2 development experience?

    Hi there I'm currently using the free testing version of GMS2. I plan to get both the web and mobile licenses, in that order. I'm wondering if development is the same for each platform and it's simply a different export? Obviously, using a touch interface will require different development...
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    HTML5 [SOLVED] HTML5 - 2.1.4 Published Game Size and Mouse Position Issues

    I am new to Game Maker and evaluating the different built targets. I use the lastest Runtime As Reference project I use "YoYo Dungeon_2". I found an issue with viewport and camera settings will be ignored on Chrome and Firefox. This two browsers scale the image to larger dimensions...
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    HTML5 HTML5 mouse offset and other issues

    Hi all! Has anyone had mouse_y offset issue in HTML5? My mouse pointer seems to have an ever increasing offset on y axis. Close to y = 0 offset is 0 but as i move mouse down there appears to be an offset. All objects and buttons detect mouse enter way too early. But it is completely fine in...
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    Question - IDE Help! No web and mobile selection in platform settings or in targert

    I bougth GameMaker Studio 2 Web and Mobile on steam. When I run program I can not export to web or mobile. It appears only Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. Please help!