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web design

  1. Rayek

    Vegas Pro Edit 14 Humble Bundle Deal

    Just a heads-up that for $20 you can get your hands on Vegas Pro Edit 14 plus other audio and video related tools/plugins/sounds to help you create that perfect video trailer for your games! https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-creative-freedom Also includes Magix Video Sound...
  2. Storyteller

    Discussion GMS2 as a website editor?

    Im looking at using GMS2 to basically build, display and run a website or two. While this is certainly possible, consider older 'flash' based websites where the HTML just loaded a swf and everything was done internally to that, I'd like to discuss, get pointers and address pitfalls to this...
  3. L

    Portfolio - General [open] GML - Spine Animation - Sound Production - web design

    Hi, My name is Liam Prichard and most of what you may want to know about me can be found on my website! (linked below) I'm looking to make some new friends and find some people to work with, I have a few ideas for projects already but am open to yours and any related discussion. Rates are...