1. G

    Problem when testing my game on a 4K TV.

    Hello, Sorry for my english, i'm french ... I have a problem when testing my game on a 4K TV. My game is in 60FPS : Rom size: 1366 * 20000 camera size is 1366 * 768 Windows size: 1920 * 1080 When i test on several PC with monitor, it's perfect. The vertical scrolling is perfectly fluid...
  2. Alexir

    GML Wave type attack?

    I'm trying to make a wave type effect, where an invisible object is created, shot in a direction, and every set time increment a different object spawns on top it, which is the actual attack, creating a trail of attacks. To give you an idea of what I was trying to do here is my code that is not...
  3. yvodlyn

    GML Spawning With Timelines

    Hello everyone, I'm actually making a spawning system with timelines. I thought it was easy but I was wrong. I wonder if anyone has an idea to fix the code or can offer me an advanced wave-spawning system code. The first condition in my code works but the second one never executes. Here the...
  4. Y

    Free Run And Fun [Google Play]

    Run And Fun is a fast paced defense game in which you defeat hordes of enemies. upgrade your Robot to more efficiently destroy dozen of enemies. currently features: 1 map 4 different enemy types. Support for most controllers for player movement. Leaderbords. things that are coming soon: A free...
  5. Y

    Legacy GM game hangs

    So i'm trying to get my wave system to work. but when I start my game it will just hang whenever I press the start button the code for the wave is as followed as I think it's related to the spawning of instances which has caused me same kind of problems before. anyway here is the code maybe...
  6. A

    GML Tower Defense Wave System (how to do?) [SOLVED]

    Alright, so I'm just going to explain what I'm going for. I have different obj's that are named after the enemy + _spawner at the end. They will all be placed in the same place, and all of the objects will have set spawn positions for the enemy. For example, obj_goblin_spawner has spawn...
  7. A

    Wave system tower defence game.

    im making a tower defence game but i cant figure out how to do the wave system. The goal is to press a button and start a new wave of 15 enemies. This wave should come inmediatly without waiting for the last one to finish. It also needs to be infinte. And cycle through sprites. Something like...
  8. Q

    Legacy GM Creating a dynamically changing background

    Hello, I'm working on a rhythm game, and I want to implement a feature whereby when the player hits a correct note, the background begins to change color. To elaborate on that, I want it to form a "wave" effect, where the background changes in a straight line that moves until it reaches the...
  9. S

    2 paths

    how would i make enemys run across two seperate paths in one wave?
  10. Q

    Wave based spawning

    I am working on an Asteroids clone for learning purposes and I'm trying to come up with an efficient way to do wave based spawns. Here's what I have so far: Create Event: ///initialize variables global.wave = 1; //starts at 5 and increases by one based on global.wave global.asteroid_count =...
  11. TheMagician

    Video-Tutorial: Underwater Shader Effect

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio Target Platform: All (if the hardware supports shaders) Download: Finished Project File Links: Part 1 - Godray Shader --- Part 2 - Wave Distortion Shader Summary: This two-part video gives a quick overview of shaders and then uses two Shadertoy shaders (godray and...