1. E

    Android GM 2.3 converts .mp3 and .ogg audios to .wav with higher weight.

    I realize that Game maker 2.3 converts the audios from .mp3 and .ogg to .wav, I was compressing the audios then changing the format one by one, they are around 190 sounds and music weighs 10 MB at least, and when I search in it destination cache I observe that Game maker uploads the sounds to...
  2. M

    Asset - Audio Free Ambient Sounds

    I though for awhile and found a perfect sound engine, fruity loops. I made these in it but they have been formulated to work with game maker studio 2. Download Sounds Contains: Ocean Rain Storms Wind
  3. zendraw

    Question - IDE game maker audio conversion

    so i uploaded sounds and music to my project, in ogg format but noiw it converts them to wav? didnt they have to be in ogg? what format to use for sfx and what for tracks? and does it matter since it converts them to wav.
  4. jms

    Demo BBBEATS Music video software Beta version 2

    I have created a system for creating music videos or cutscreens etc using just Game Maker 2 It is called BBBeats and it has following: BBBeats v2.0 Beta - calculate BPM (Bpm beats per minute) for a sound, creating then signals for every position of the song. - Shader controller that gets...
  5. John Andrews

    Windows Audio problem, some audio files don't play!

    I'm making a game that uses a lot of sounds, and of course, every sound must be played, but there are some audios that don't play when they should, why is this happening? I've compared the audio files that do play, with the ones that don't play, the only difference that I see is that the ones...