1. Z

    Need help designing Top Down Water sprites

    I'm working on a top down shooter game with an emphasis on realism (mainly realistic physics so far) , just want to know how one can make believable water sprites in a top down game. Is something similar to Source Engine water possible on GMS2, using its sprite editor.
  2. 1MTeddy

    Features on MacOS

    Hello, I've bought GameMaker Studio 2 recently and I wanted to create dynamic water on my MacBook, but water is not displayed at all. So I've bought a Foxey Platform Engine on the Marketplace and I can now confirm that with the same code and newest GameMaker version it's working properly on...
  3. X

    GMS 2.3+ Can Gamemaker make water like this?

    I am working on a survival/RPG game and was playing The Survivalists game recently on my Switch and noticed how beautiful the water effect looks Here is a video that shows this I would love the waves on the shore effect and the transparency as it goes out to sea where you can see the sand...
  4. Fanatrick

    Asset - Shaders GMDrip - 2D Waterfalls

    Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9455/gmdrip Description: GMDrip uses shaders to give your textures a good looking flowing drip effect for things like waterfalls in 2D games. Dynamically customizable size, color, alpha, refraction, blurring, translucency, and intensity...
  5. G

    Graphics Pixel Animation Art

    Pixel Warehouse I've been browsing the net for some pixel Animation styles and ideas and came across this youtuber. In the link above I really dig the effort put into the way they animated a glass filling up with Orange Juice - I presume. Something like this would make a great loading screen...
  6. Arlan64

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How to do water and ice physics in GameMaker 8.1?

    Hi guys, I want to create a swim gameplay for my character, but I don't know how to makes this posible... I give you my codes (many parts have been copied from Shaun with his tutorials) Blooby (the player) >> Create Event grav = 0.50; hsp = 0; vsp = 0; jumps = 0; jumpsmax = 1; jumps_outside...
  7. M

    GMS 2 [SOLVED][2D Platformer] Jumping out of water when close to wall_obj

    Hello I have the same water physics as in the old counter strike / half life where if you hold space bar, you float towards the water surface. I am trying to make him jump out of the water if close to the "shore" This code ain't cuttin it if position_meeting(x,y-20,oWaterWall) and...
  8. Tails1000

    GMS 2 Top down RPG reflecting the sky at night

    I'm creating a top down RPG and am planning on having water sources such as lakes reflect the sky above. This is easy to achieve during the day, I just make a transparent water tile and change my background to be clouds or something. But it's when day turns to night is where it becomes tricky...
  9. S

    Top down water reflections?

    I'm making a top-down open world game and I need to know how I would go about having water reflect he world around it. Think of it as if you were looking down at a lake, and seeing the reflections of the world around it. How would I accomplish this? Should I do it with a shader (not great with...
  10. D

    Android Lunokhod1: Physics draw and liquid puzzles.

    Fun and addictive physics puzzle game. Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. Game story: You are in the fantasy physics world with your lunokhod on the space planet. You have to find the way to cross the screen. A lot of barriers will be on your way. Some powerful tools will help you...
  11. S

    Free Hydro Physics

    Hydro Physics is a simulation game using water particles and different items like rockets, bombs, emiters, wood, creates etc. to create a physics world and have fun. Google Play App Store Mode 1: Hydro Shoot: Push back the sea animals before they reach you with physics particles and rockets...
  12. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics Platformer Water Reflection

    Matharoo presents... Platformer Water Reflection >> GET HERE << The quickest way to add water with reflections in your platformer game! It's as easy as dropping an object into a room, as seen in the second GIF below. Available for both GMS 1.x and 2.x. If you're looking for top-down water...
  13. P

    Legacy GM (HELP) Water Reflections?

    I've been trying to make some water reflections using surfaces for about 3 - 4 hours now. Nothing I have done seems to work. I want an effect similar to that of the Pokemon games where the reflection moves with the player, and (obviously) is not visible anywhere else but the water. Here is a...
  14. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics Realistic Water Reflection

    Matharoo presents... Realistic Water Reflection 2 bucks only! Get it here GMS 1.x and 2.x versions available! Using this asset, you can make your objects have reflections in the water. The reflections are customizable, as can be seen in the GIFs below. Getting the reflections to work is...
  15. R

    Shaders Realistic water shader

    How can i use a shader for creating realistic water. Please give me a script if you know
  16. TypoTigress

    Legacy GM So, like a idiot, I decided I want to program water...[SOLVED]

    EDITED: to those wanting to know the solution, check below. Hi there! I'm still quite new to game making even though I bought GM:S like a year and a half ago, but have elected to go with GML as much as I can and have been learning under the Shaun Spalding tutorials over on YT. Recently I...
  17. O

    Asset - Project Simple Water

    Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5375/simple-water Download .exe here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5SmSXI3oLGpRzBlRXFBeERjOTQ Price: FREE till the 7th of july! Simple grid based water. Simple and intuitive to use, the water is based off the water shown in games...
  18. N

    GML [SOLVED] grid-based water (Terraria etc)

    I'm struggling a little bit with implementing water into my game. I understand vaguely how it should work, but I fail to execute it at any decent level. It works for the most part, but in large volumes it just floods the whole area without deflating from the source. this video should explain it...
  19. Anixias

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Vertex Buffer Transparency

    Hello. I am using vertex buffers and chunks to render an "infinite" randomly-generated world. For my water texture, I include dirt and a transparent floating blue plane above it. When the game submits the vertex buffer, however, it produces the following result: As you can see, the water has a...
  20. G

    Please help: Can you remember Project W?

    Project W was a game by Jesse Vogel that won Creative Game Challenge (creativegamechallenge[dot]nl) in 2011. (the included screenshot is the only one I could find) You had to pull levers to let water flow from the surface to underground tanks without drowning to clear levels. I recently had...